New York Man Trying To Scale Four Seasons Hotel To Take Panoramic Photo Of City Skyline Plummets To Death

A New York man trying to scale the city’s famed Four Seasons Hotel with his friend in an attempt to take a “panoramic” photograph of New York City’s skyline fell several feet to his death, according to the police.

Connor Cummings’ actual age is a matter of contention, with some news outlets describing the young man as a 24-year-old “daredevil” while others mentioned him to be slightly younger. The man hoping to climb to the roof of Midtown Manhattan’s Four Seasons Hotel using the scaffolding at around 11 p.m. Wednesday night when he slipped and descended to his death several feet below within a matter of seconds. His 18-year-old friend, who was also clambering up with him but was on the other side of the scaffolding, remains safe, confirmed an NYPD official. Both of them were carrying camera equipment and intended to take “panoramic” photos of the city’s skyline, according to New York Post.

According to the New York Times, Cummings and his friend had reached the 51st floor of the 52-story hotel after getting access to one hotel’s roof and clambering up scaffolding attached to an air shaft. But as the rain came down hard on Manhattan, the 18-year-old suddenly heard a loud bang. When trying to locate his friend on the other side of the scaffolding, the man realized that his older friend had disappeared. According to his description of events, Cummings had slipped and could not hold on to the scaffolding, plunging nine stories until he landed on one of the lower rooftops of the luxury hotel some 40 feet below.

And although the police believed the New York man to be a “thrill-seeker” who was scaling the Four Seasons hotel in an attempt to take unique photographs, some have suggested that the friends might have been on high on something.

Speaking to ABC7, however, the New York man’s aunt quashed those claims, reiterating that Cummings was a was “good kid” who had scaled the hotel to take photos. She also said the family was still trying to figure out how the entire thing transpired.

“We’re trying to get answers. [Police] say that he went up the elevator, and then went up a stairway, and then went out on a balcony, but the cops aren’t saying exactly what happened. And, I know the medical examiner was up there. I mean, he’s a young kid, he’s a good kid, they weren’t drinking or anything, they were taking a picture.”

Another relative defined the young man as a “loving boy” and a “photography buff.”

“He was a loving boy, that’s all I can say,” the relative said. “I don’t know how it happened.”

Connor Cummings died after falling from New York City's Four Seasons Hotel

The New York man is not the only one to have fallen to death while trying to scale down a building’s exterior in recent times. Thrill-seekers often attempt to climb buildings using scaffolding, albeit most take extreme precautions. In October, a 30-year-old man had fallen prey to a case of misadventure when he fell seven stories while trying to climb the exterior of an apartment building in Toronto.

The tragic case of Conner Cummings should serve as a stern reminder to those who place adventure above caution, and hopefully the death of the New York college student will not have been in vain.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]