Carlos Lee Weighs Options As Los Angeles Dodgers Trade Talks Heat Up

Houston Astros first baseman Carlos Lee was informed by general manager Jeff Luhnow over the weekend that trade discussions have begun with the Los Angeles Dodgers, an option Lee would have to approve because of his limited no-trade clause.

Speaking before his Saturday game against the Chicago Cubs the first baseman said of current discussions:

“I met with Jeff this morning and he told me what’s going on and let’s see what happens.”

“I just told Jeff I want to see my options. I just want to wait and see what my options are.”

Talks are still premature enough that Dodgers manager Don Mattingly had not heard about the teams plans as of Saturday afternoon.

In the meantime it’s still not clear why Carlos Lee doesn’t want to leave the Dodgers but Mattingly told ESPN why some players choose to waive a no-trade clause:

“Yeah, if a guy’s comfortable where he’s at and he doesn’t want to leave home, he’s got kids and a family and he says, ‘You know what, I don’t want to go out there…

“If the guy doesn’t want to take a shot at winning and getting to the playoffs, maybe winning a World Series, if he doesn’t want that, then we probably don’t … “

Rumors are circulating that the trade could be made for right-handed pitching prospect Garrett Gould, an up-and-comer from the Dodgers farm league.

In his final year of a six-year contract worth $100 million, Carlos Lee is batting .290 with five home runs and 29 RBIs.

When asked if if he would like to join a playoff contender Lee said:

“That’s one of the things I have to think about. There ain’t much I can tell you right now.”

Do you think Carlos Lee should leave for the Los Angeles Dodgers?