Justin Bieber Isn’t Just Great With His Siblings: 13 Amazing Biebs’ Moments With Youngsters

Justin Bieber has experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout his life. Bu, an undeniable constant has been his incredibly loving relationship with his younger siblings, Jaxon and Jazmyn, and the kids he gets to meet — whether randomly or through his charity work.

You don’t have to go far to see the Biebs’ love for children. On his social media accounts, notably Instagram and Snapchat, there are tons of snaps and videos of the superstar hanging out with little ones, amid his skateboarding and tattoo pics.

Justin is currently taking a well-earned rest on the Caribbean island of Anguilla with his family and close pal Hailey Baldwin after a year of apologies, interviews, charitable contributions and outreach work, iconic photo shoots, and dropping his critically acclaimed Purpose album.

On Wednesday, the pop prince shared an adorable black-and-white photo of himself with Jazmyn, 7, and Jaxon, 6, which he captioned with a sweet note raving about how much he loves his brother and sister, and believes they will make him a better father when he has his own family.

The snap has already attracted more than 2.1 million “Likes,” most of which are from fans “oohing” and aahing” over the singer’s message.


The heartthrob wrote, “Honestly I never thought I could love somebody the way I love these two children. They are strong, kind, smart and so charismatic!”

“They are constantly making me want to be better, and I believe they will make me a better parent one day,” he added. “I am so blessed and honored to play such a significant role in their life and I’m looking forward to see what they become. And I know whatever that may be I will be proud!”

Lovely. Continuing in that vein, here are 12 more heartwarming moments of the Biebs with the next generation.


The “Sorry” singer shared a pic of himself and Jaxon taking a stroll in Anguilles on Wednesday.

Alongside the exotically located snap, Justin wrote, “Don’t take your family for granted.”


This throwback doesn’t have a caption, but it doesn’t need one. The hitmaker is pictured decked out in his Believe Tour stage gear while walking backstage with Jazmyn.

It wasn’t the first time the little girl visited her big brother on tour, which Bieber undertook from late 2012 through to December 2013 in support of his same-named album. From the look on Jazmyn’s face, her memories of those trips will be happy ones.


Does it get any cuter? A sleeping snap of Justin with either of his siblings is pretty much a guaranteed to trigger a “Aw!” reaction, but this is definitely one of the best.

It’s also recent. The “Where Are U Now” singer returned to his native Canada just before Christmas, and this photo of the two brothers was taken by their father Jeremy and shared at his Instagram during the festive break.


We’re going to answer our own question with this entry: yes, it can get cuter. The video above was taken from one of the singer’s Snaphat stories during the summer when Jaxon came to visit him in Los Angeles.

The clip shows the brothers lying in bed planning their day ahead. Jaxon delivers the adorable line when he asks Justin, “Yaaaa! What’s going to happen next?”


Rewinding back to the 2013 music video for the Biebs’ second Journals single “All That Matters.”

At some point during the shoot, Jazmyn, Jeremy, and the crew celebrated Jaxon’s then fourth birthday, and Justin was in full big bro mode again.

Watch for the moment when Jeremy gently tips the birthday boy’s nose into his massive birthday cake. Naturally, Jax starts crying and while he’s being consoled by Jeremy, the singer says to a camera that, “he did it to me too.” Hilarious.


Throughout Bieber’s career, the singer has constantly expressed and shown his appreciation for his fans.

Examples of this can be seen in the video above. It shows a group of Los Angeles Beliebers experiencing emotional encounters with the star during an impromptu meet and greet.


This clip reveals the fun exchange which took place when Bieber met fans during promo rounds for his album earlier this year.


A very young Belieber got the surprise of a lifetime when Bieber sang his signature 2010 hit “Baby” with her after the singer stopped to acknowledge waiting fans outside a recording studio in 2014.


Bieber’s relationship with the late Avalanna Routh, who died of a rare form of brain cancer at the age of 6 back in 2012, also deserves a note here.

Known as “Mrs. Bieber” to fans due to her love of Bieber, the singer formed a relationship with Avalanna after they met. During one, he and the young child got pretended to get “engaged.”

On another occasion, Avalanna was invited onstage to be serenaded by the Biebs during his rendition of “One Less Lonely Girl” during his concert at Harlem’s legendary Apollo theater back in 2012. Following Avalanna’s untimely death, Justin spoke often about his love for the little girl, who he tributes each year.

During his first concert of his Believe tour in Glendale, California, in September 2012, Justin dedicated “One Less Lonely Girl” to Avalanna while pictures of her were displayed on a screen during the show.


Fast forward to Justin’s recent headlining show at Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball in Atlanta last month.

The performer delighted fans in the front row when he reached out and kissed the hands of some of the attendees.


Among the massive hits, introspective ballads, and emotional honesty of Bieber’s outstanding Purpose album, the Skrillex-produced “Children,” is the only pure EDM track on the fusion-genre record.

“What about the children? Be a visionary for a change. Who’s got the heart?” Bieber sings during the pulsing song, which speaks to encouraging young people and others to live consciously and improve the human condition.


Notably, Justin Bieber received the Champ of Charity award in 2014 and Nickelodeon’s inaugural Hall of Fame award at the Halo Awards 2015, in recognition of his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bieber is the biggest artist contributor to the organization, which carries out one expressed “wish” for terminally or chronically sick children and teens.

Bieber has now granted over 260 “wishes” with the Foundation and continues to. In addition to many charitable efforts (more of which can viewed here, here, here, here, and here), the “Love Yourself” superstar also financially supports the non-profit Pencils of Promise organization, which builds schools and provides resources for children in underdeveloped countries all around the world.

You probably haven’t heard so much about this side of Bieber because tabloids prefer to focus on the dubious gossip-mongering of usually fictional sources and endless speculative tales about his love life. Why? Because it sells, even if the stories are not true.

Something to think about as we, and Bieber, go forward in 2016.

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