Elizabeth Banks Pretends To Be Chelsea Handler To Stay Anonymous

Elizabeth Banks and Hunger Games

Elizabeth Banks admitted to pretending to be Chelsea Handler in order to keep her anonymity.

While promoting her new film “People Like Us,” which hit theaters this past Friday, Banks told Fox411’s PopTarts that she will often agree that she is the popular comedienne to remain under the radar.

“It helps me when someone says, ‘oh, you’re Chelsea Handler’ and I say ‘yes I am,'” the 38-year-old actress said.

Banks, who recently starred in “The Hunger Games,” said she met Handler at a party and thought she was “a great broad, a real wit.” Apparently Handler also gets mistaken for Banks, but the “Chelsea Lately” star hasn’t pretended to be Banks, at least not yet.

The two seem to have fun with the fact that they get confused for each other. Last year, Banks went on “Chelsea Lately” to promote “Our Idiot Brother” and Handler told the audience, “My twin sister is here everybody.” Banks even confessed that she signed an autograph as Chelsea Handler for a fan in Toronto.

Why would a high profile, money making machine want to pretend to be someone else? After all, don’t most actors like the attention and fame? For Banks, her start in acting wasn’t driven by a desire to be famous, but by a sports injury.

“I broke my leg sliding into third base at softball practice,” she said. “I was a good softball player and I needed something else to do after school, and I couldn’t run anymore so I started singing in the school choir and ended up in a production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.'”

Elizabeth Banks and Chelsea Handler

What do you guys think? Do Elizabeth Banks and Chelsea Handler look alike?