Mila Kunis’ And Ashton Kutcher’s Marriage Is A Ticking Time Bomb

It wasn’t so long ago that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher tied the knot. In fact, it was this past July, and the newlyweds are reportedly already having trouble. Some sources say the couple is already headed to divorce court, as rumors circulate of late-night visits to massage parlors and a wife feeling stranded at home with a new baby when she would rather be working. It hasn’t been six months into their marriage and already Kunis and Kutcher are experiencing the kind of crisis most couples don’t hit until they have been together for nearly 10 years. If they can weather this storm, is there hope for a lasting relationship, one that can nourish love and trust? Or is it too late?

Ashton Kutcher Thinks Wife Mila Kunis Works Too Much

If sources close to the couple are correct, it seems the only one in the family not complaining about someone’s work schedule is baby Wyatt Isabella. One source close to Mila has revealed that the actress is frustrated and wants to be working on new projects. While Ashton is out hopping from one meeting to the next, Kunis is stuck at home all day with the couple’s 1-year-old daughter, according to Starpulse. The insider adds that while Mila does love her daughter, she’s very eager to return to work and get her creative juices flowing once again.

Apparently, Kutcher was taking too long in helping his wife to get back on her feet because Mila went out and got the ball rolling without him. She’s set to appear in an episode of Bad Moms and, following that up, Kunis will produce Trapped, a new series set to premiere on Starz.

As Ashton learned about this, another fight broke out, says the unidentified source. Kutcher is angry over the time demands Mila’s new career obligations will place on her, which he feels would be better spent with their daughter.

“[There has] been so much tension building between Ashton and Mila for months,” said the source.

An insider close to Ms. Kunis contradicts rumors of any trouble or tension between Ashton and Mila. This source claims that their relationship is just fine and any rumors to the contrary are “so not true”.

Mila Wants To Know What Kind Of Meetings Take Place In Thai Massage Parlors

Mila Kunis, Bad Moms, Trapped

Adding to the mounting gossip that Kunis and husband are having serious marriage difficulties, the No Strings Attached actor was recently seen visiting a Thai massage parlor at one of Los Angeles’ seedier strip malls. The Ancient Therapy massage parlor provides much more than the basic massages, according to one report. Described as a “seedy, grubby” business, the massage parlors will provide customers with “a happy ending,” as cited on their list of services.

Kutcher was spotted leaving the massage parlor, dressed casually with a dark baseball cap lowered over his face. As the New York Daily News points out, there’s no reason to think anything improper occurred during the visit. While this visit to Ancient Therapy may have been for a legitimate massage and nothing more, Kutcher does have a history of infidelity.

In 2011, Ashton, who was still married to Demi Moore at the time, spent his sixth wedding anniversary in San Diego without Moore. Instead, Mr. Kutcher was living it up in a hot tub-equipped hotel room with two other women. Two months later, news of the couple’s divorce was announced.

Mila Kunis may like to believe that Kutcher has changed or that she is the one woman capable of taming him, but it’s looking more and more like history is about to repeat itself.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]