December 31, 2015
Martin Freeman To Play President In 'Captain America: Civil War' And Backing The Sokovia Accords? [Rumor]

The Hobbit's Martin Freeman is under question on his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America: Civil War and the rest of the Marvel universe tends to fall in sync with the timeline that corresponds with the theatrical releases of the films.

That said, there's a theory according to Movie Pilot that the role of Freeman could fall into place around the end of the eight years in which the William Sadler's role as President Ellis would conclude. He was held hostage by antagonist Aldrich Killian in the Iron Patriot suit in Iron Man 3.

Martin Freeman's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a mystery, but according to Cinema Blend, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gave just enough information to let the mental gears turn, but not enough to conclude anything substantial.

Seems the Marvel Studios president is getting pretty good at starting a buzz and enthusiasm with fans with the security of keeping things on the down low. Feige kept his statement about Martin's role quite cryptic. He describes two types of actors of those that just play small roles and then there's the category where they are allowed to grow even further. According to Feige, Freeman is the "latter category."

"He's under the cloak of secrecy. There are a lot of amazing actors in this movie. Some of them play larger roles than others. And in some cases there are some you will meet ever so briefly in this film and then will be expanded upon in future films. He falls into that latter category."
What is known about Martin Freeman in the Marvel universe so far is that he's a "government attache" and is said to make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. There was also a speculated an Everett Ross character per Cinema Blend who is an agent in comic book lore that serves as the Wakandan ambassador, so there's no telling whether Martin will be associated with that character, but with Black Panther's home country in mind, would it not tie into that "latter category"?

Movie Pilot now speaks of Martin Freeman leaning more towards the presidency though and considering he's a government associate, a theory also brings up his advocacy in favor of the people of the world when it came to the disastrous events in Avengers: Age of Ultron with the destruction of Sokovia.

Could the Marvel role of Freeman as a "government attache" be associated with his support of the Sokovia Accords? The very document seen in the Captain America: Civil War trailer, passed across the table by General Ross? This document was something confirmed by the Russo brothers, according to The Inquisitr, and looks to entail the comic book version of the Superhuman Registration Act.

Prior to Martin Freeman, the big named actor Robert Redford appeared as an antagonist in Captain America: Winter Soldier as a big wig in Hydra, so would it not make sense to bring the well favored Freeman from The Hobbit Trilogy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It's interesting how movie versions are slightly adjusted from the world of Marvel comic books, but it's interesting to speculate how the two differ when the events that led up to the formation of a regulatory agency tend to the controlling of people with super human abilities. Do you think Martin could be up for the task?

For now, speculative Martin Freeman fans can only but wonder what his role will actually be in Captain America: Civil War come May 6, 2016.

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment]