‘Affluenza’ Teen’s Mom Tonya Couch Returned To The United States

Tonya Couch, mother of “Affluenza Teen” Ethan Couch, will not get the chance to see if she can get the same temporary stay as her son, because she has been deported back to the United States. Sadly, it is likely that Tonya Couch will do more time in prison than her son, who killed four people and injured more after plowing into them with his truck after a night of drinking and drugging. Ethan Couch got ten years of probation, during which time the still underaged Couch must stay away from drugs and alcohol. Couch had a violation of probation hearing after he was filmed playing beer pong.

According to The Inquisitr, both Ethan and Tonya Couch were fighting deportation from Mexico after both were arrested on the run from U.S. authorities. Ethan Couch got a temporary stay, but Tonya Couch didn’t have a stay come in time, and was put on a plane from Guadalajara to Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Tonya Couch is now back in the United States as of Wednesday night. The three day stay granted to Ethan Couch will likely take two weeks to resolve, according to the U.S. Marshal Service. An official, on the condition of anonymity, said that Tonya Couch was deported before a stay could be issued by a judge.

“The woman was sent to the United States because immigration authorities did not receive a judge’s injunction like the one that temporarily blocked her son’s deportation.”

Richard Hunter, Chief Deputy for the U.S. Marshal Service, said that the legal move took the decision to deport Ethan Couch out of the hands of immigration.

“It also depends on the fact the Couches have legal counsel. And it seems to me, if they wanted to, they could pay them as much money as they want to drag this thing out,” Hunter said. “We’re hopeful that’s not the case. We’re hopeful the Mexican immigration court will make a quick and decisive decision and return the Couches to America.”

The local CBS affiliate reported that both Tonya and Ethan Couch had retained legal counsel in Mexico, but only Ethan Couch had his stay come through in time. For now, he will stay in a Guadalajara jail while the details of his deportation are being worked out. Attorneys Scott Brown and William Reagan Wynn say that they represented Ethan Couch in his juvenile conviction of vehicular manslaughter in Texas. They released a statement to CBS, explaining why they weren’t in Mexico representing the Couches.

“We represent Ethan concerning his juvenile matter in Tarrant County, Texas. We are not licensed to practice law in the United Mexican States (Mexico). Accordingly, we do not represent Mr. Couch in any legal matter in Mexico. We do not represent Tonya Couch in any capacity. We do not have any additional information concerning this matter to provide at this time.”

Authorities also admit that Tonya Couch’s husband, Fred Couch has been cooperating with U.S. Marshals for the safe recovery and return of his wife and son to the United States. Now that both have been recovered by Mexican authorities, Fred Couch refuses to make any other statements.

Do you think Tonya Couch will end up doing more time than her son, the affluenza teen Ethan Couch?

[Photo courtesy of LM Otero/AP]