Farrah Abraham Has Outbursts on ‘Teen Mom OG’, Is She Verbally Abusive Or Just Explosive?

Farrah Abraham is vocal about a lot of things, and sometimes she doesn’t use the nicest words to get her point across. With Teen Mom OG returning in just a few days, fans have gotten to see some unflattering footage of Abraham. From yelling at a producer to verbally assaulting her mom, there is almost always a shocking moment. While it has been proven that Abraham and her mother have a strained relationship, the verbal abuse between the two is astounding. As the show progresses, it seems that there are more and more explosive outbursts coming from Farrah Abraham, many of them happening in front of her young daughter Sophia.

Last season of Teen Mom OG showed Farrah Abraham dating Simon Saran. The two were getting along well until the talk of marriage came about. Abraham wants to settle down and be married and Saran clearly thought the talk was a little premature. There was a lot of forced bonding time with Sophia, and that was painfully awkward from a viewer standpoint. According to Hollywood Life, Farrah Abraham screams at Simon Saran over a meal after he becomes offended when she tells him that he is a bad influence on her daughter. He calls Sophia “the kid,” and that sets Abraham right off. She is screaming and getting up to leave, calling Saran a “b***h” in the process. It was clearly something Saran was used to as he didn’t even seem bothered in the preview. It looks like there is more to the story, but that is all that was shown for viewers at this point.

A lot of what comes out of Farrah Abraham’s mouth is negative at best. She is constantly talking to people in her life with an attitude, especially those closest to her. Fans of Teen Mom OG were outraged when she went off on the producer, Larry. She called the show “trashy” and went ballistic. That was the first trailer shown for the upcoming season premiere, but it was enough to show just how explosive Abraham could be. This is not the first time she has snapped at the show’s staff, and definitely not the first time things have escalated to almost becoming physical.

For Farrah Abraham’s mom, things like this have become typical. Since 16 & Pregnant, it has been apparent that Debra and Farrah do not have the typical mother and daughter relationship. There has been plenty of fighting and harsh words, even when Abraham was pregnant. Throughout the several seasons of the show, Farrah Abraham has been trying to distance herself from her parents. According to Wetpaint, Farrah Abraham and her mom have an intense conversation that makes Debra cry. This was taped prior to Abraham heading to the U.K. for Celebrity Big Brother. Debra was staying at Abraham’s home to watch Sophia. It basically boils down to Abraham talking down to Debra and making her feel like nothing more than a nanny. The lack of respect is apparent and Sophia actually hits her mother during the conversation and tells her she has a bad attitude.

With the actions being displayed by Farrah Abraham, fans are concerned about what she is teaching her daughter. Teen Mom OG is documenting a lot more this season, especially since Abraham will be around full-time. Throughout the last seven years, there have been a lot of ups and downs for this family. While the mother and daughter bond is strained, there is certainly a lot of disrespect happening between them both. As more footage is released, Farrah Abraham is getting more and more criticism. She has been talked about a lot in recent years, and this time it isn’t something she can put a positive spin on. Is Farrah Abraham verbally abusive or just explosive?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]