WWE News: John Cena To Receive More Hollywood Offers

In WWE news, John Cena is expected to receive more offers from Hollywood executives to appear in television shows and movies, according to the Wrestling Observer.

After conquering the world of professional wrestling, it now appears that WWE centerpiece John Cena, a natural entertainer, is going to see just how far he can go in Hollywood.

John Cena has received mostly rave reviews for his performance in Sisters, where he plays a drug dealer in support of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, both Saturday Night Live alums.

Daddy’s Home, a hilarious comedy featuring Mark Wahlberg as the dad and Will Ferrell as the stepdad, also features a cameo appearance by John Cena, who plays a cool father.

The entertainment industry is starting to take notice of John Cena and his ability to do comedy, something that is not always evident while reading scripts written by WWE writers.

That is a big reason why people believe that more executives are going to be calling upon John Cena, who has a built in fan base with the millions of pro wrestling fans in the world.

NBC also seems to be interested in helping John Cena gain more exposure, as that benefits them as well. Cena has been featured twice as the guest host on the Today Show this week.

Dwayne Johnson
Following in the footsteps of Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson is something that most people would love to do, as he is known all around globally and makes a boatload of money now.

No professional wrestler has ever reached the heights in the entertainment industry as Dwayne Johnson, who electrified WWE fans for years before venturing out and doing movies.

Dwayne Johnson received a bit of backlash from professional wrestling fans, though. Many were upset with him because they felt like WWE had lost one of their most popular stars.

Not everyone is going to be happy for your success, and Dwayne Johnson had to learn that the hard way. The longer he stayed away from WWE, the greater the hate that he received.

It wasn’t until Dwayne Johnson made his return to WWE that some professional wrestling fans started to forgive the former world heavyweight champion. Some have not forgiven him.

The more success that John Cena finds in Hollywood, the more hate he is going to receive as well. Cena already experiences a lot of hate from certain fans, and he has yet to leave WWE.

To his credit, John Cena has constantly reiterated that he does not have any plans to permanently and completely leave WWE any time soon. The guy has always been loyal to wrestling.

Vince McMahon
While there are some professional wrestling fans that are concerned about a potential departure from John Cena, the move is a very good thing for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dwayne Johnson helped bring exposure to WWE whenever he started making his name in Hollywood. The media constantly made mention that he came from a wrestling background.

In every single one of these movie appearances that John Cena has made, journalists have made sure to mention that he is a WWE star, which is good publicity for Vince McMahon.

Even if John Cena is not around on a full time schedule, there is a very good chance that he would take breaks from Hollywood to come back to WWE and work a pay per view match.

Dwayne Johnson and Brock Lesnar do tremendous business for World Wrestling Entertainment whenever they come around and do a big match. They usually draw big numbers.

John Cena is destined for Hollywood.

[Featured Photo by WWE]