Dolvett Quince Offers To Help Rob Kardashian Get In Shape After Diabetes Scare

Rob Kardashian has been avoiding the world and the media for a while now. This week he had quite the scare as Rob was rushed to the hospital for diabetes. In Touch shared that Rob was diagnosed with diabetes at the hospital, but sources say he is also on the verge of a stroke if things don’t change. It turns out Rob was also diagnosed with ketoacidosis. Rob Kardashian was told that if he gets going on a healthy lifestyle the type 2 diabetes could be managed or even go into remission.

An insider with the Kardashian family shared exactly what happened with Rob.

“Rob found out he was diabetic after being admitted to the hospital, but that is not the reason that he went in to begin with. He was having trouble breathing and he was sweating profusely.”

Now if Rob Kardashian wants to get healthy, it sounds like he has exactly the help he could need. Dolvett Quince of The Biggest Loser is offering to help out Rob with getting his healthy lifestyle back together. Dolvett would be able to teach Rob with working out and his eating habits both. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared that Dolvett is speaking out and wants Rob Kardashian to know that he is there to help if he wants it.

Rob has not even allowed himself to be photographed since June. Dolvett explained to TMZ that the diabetes can be totally reversed if Rob works hard at it. If not treated, Rob could end up in a coma.

“Depending on the stage of his diabetes, diabetes can be reversed. If you eat better and exercise, diabetes can be eliminated completely.”

Dolvett went on to say that this all came from Rob’s “bad decisions.” Obviously, he meant with food and working out. Rob Kardashian used to be in great shape, but has put on some weight over the past few years and that is the reason that he will not let himself be on their show or be photographed at all. Dolvett shared he has reached out to Rob before and is going to again.

“I’ve reached out to Rob in the past, and I’m reaching out to him again now. I’m here, I want to help you. I know you need the help but you’ve got to have people in your camp that you can trust. It’s a new year, a new Rob. I wish him the best.”

Dolvett went on to explain more about his thoughts about Rob Kardashian and said he would do a training session with him in a second.

“He’s a public figure, he could be a huge help. Hopefully he’ll motivate a lot of people coming into the new year.”

Rob Kardashian has a long road ahead of him and he is going to need some help. His family seems to be totally on his side and his sisters have mentioned that they will do anything for Rob more than once. Now that Dolvett is willing to help him again, maybe Rob will take him up on the offer. This could be the perfect chance for him to get in shape and get his life back on track. Maybe a trip to the hospital will be enough to scare Rob into working hard.

Do you hope that Rob Kardashian takes up Dolvett Quince on the offer to help him out with getting in shape? Do you feel like Rob should do it on his own or join The Biggest Loser? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]