Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner Are Dating Again?

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have been spotted dining together in the Caribbean. The former lovers, who reportedly dated ever-so-briefly in 2013 and broke up just before New Year’s Eve that year amidst rumors that Harry had told friends the stunning model “bored him,” according to Hollywood Life, may be back together, or at least reviving their stalled friendship.

The two were photographed and videotaped in Anguilla, and Hollywood Life is now speculating that a double date between Harry and Kendall and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, who are also friends with dark-haired Victoria’s Secret beauty Kendall, could happen in 2016. Justin and Hailey are also hanging out in Anguilla and have been photographed together on the beach and in a few different cozy poses on the beautiful island.

Has Kendall reignited Harry’s interest? The sister of Kim Kardashian walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret for the first time earlier in 2015. Perhaps fashion-loving Harry, who was last seen cavorting with model Georgia Fowler in a peaceful villa, found himself stimulated or at least not-quite-so-bored by Kendall after seeing the brunette beauty strutting down the runway in a selection of flamboyant, intricate, and flesh-flashing Victoria’s Secret lingerie ensembles, as reported by the Mirror.

Will Harry break the stunner’s heart again? Harry Styles reportedly cited the extravagant and controversial Kardashian family as another one of his reasons for breaking up with Kendall last time they ended things, according to IBT.

“The thought of hanging out with her family terrifies him.”

This is very unfortunate — if those solo rumors reported by MTV are indeed true, a bit of partying with Kanye West could serve Harry Styles well. The remix-happy rap artist could be an asset to Harry should the pop star opt to mature his sound with recourse to new R’n’B elements, rather than new EDM elements (publications like Billboard and Complex have studied the few cases where former teen idols transitioned successfully and observed that a slow drip-feed of new elements from within those genres seems to be the key to success.)

Of course, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner could be hanging out just as friends. One Harry fan on Twitter urged Harry-lovers to remember the time Styles scoffed abut the media’s quickness in assuming he is dating people.

I have a lot of friends, and some of them are girls. Apparently I’m dating all of them!

It has previously been reported that Harry Styles is attending a party thrown by Nick Grimshaw for New Year’s. Could Harry’s pal be gathering people in Anguilla for a bash? If this is the case, then Harry’s lunch with Kendall could be less about a fling and more about biding their time before the group Caribbean sojourn peaks with a celebration tonight.

The Daily Mail notes that Harry and Kendall never officially announced that they were dating the first time around. Stories about their breakup and Harry’s Kardashian shades were circulated by “sources close to the star” and could have been utterly fabricated or blown out of proportion by headline-hungry publications like the Mirror and the Daily Mail.

As for Harry’s “rudeness” about the gorgeous Kendall and her family, who really knows? It’s possible that Harry made some tongue-in-cheek remarks about the “terror-inducing” Kardashians that were taken out of context, or maybe a sarcastic dig about personality-challenged models that was not meant to be taken seriously (Harold is known for his sarcastic British wit).

Do you think Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are dating this time? Were they ever dating?