Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Jason Garrett Unlikely To Be Fired, Jerry Jones Suggests No Major Changes

Phillip Dengler

Rumors regarding the Dallas Cowboys are running rampant as "America's Team" is about to complete another disappointing season, and fans everywhere want accountability. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett always seems to be at the top of everyone's list for the team's failures, and many fans and analysts have called for him to be fired over the last few years. In five complete seasons as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Garrett has only made the playoffs one time. Since his playoff appearance came in 2014, there was a lot of hope for the 2015 season. While injuries to quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant are a big reason for the poor record this season, Garrett still seems to be the main problem according to many people.

After Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was fired yesterday, the speculation really started to heat up. After all, Chip Kelly reached the playoffs once in his three seasons and was fired. Garrett has only reached the playoffs once in five seasons, and the team has only regressed this year. Charles Casserly of NFLN took to his Twitter account to explain that the two situations are not the same.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could fire Garrett, but it would not be cheap. According to ProFootballTalk, Garrett signed a five-year contract for $30 million last year after his first playoff appearance. If Jones does decide to go another route, he would still owe Garrett a massive $24 million. While the Cowboys would not owe Garrett any money that he receives if he can secure another coaching job, it could still end up being extremely expensive to fire him. Ed Werder of ESPN agrees, and took to Twitter to explain that while Jerry Jones did not speak to the media, he is likely to keep Garrett for at least another season.

"We're in relatively good shape under the salary cap, and we ought to look at that and change things. Now don't say that that's the highlight of the day -- 'Things are changing' -- because they were going to change anyway. There's at least 20 percent of this roster that changes every year and maybe higher, and so there were going to be those kinds of changes. There's changes on coaching staffs that happen."

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]