Nintendo NX: With Probable Delay, Here’s What The New Console Needs To Succeed

The Nintendo NX has been one of the most highly anticipated (and mysterious) console units on the rumor block for some time.

Following murmurs in early 2015 about its development, fans of the company and of video gaming in general have been wondering what the House of Mario has up its sleeve.

Unfortunately, they may have to wait a bit longer to find out — which you can learn more about by clicking here.

That said, times like these can be very interesting to speculate about, but much of that speculation has fallen into one collective ideal.

The Nintendo NX cannot succeed without a heavy play for mobile.

While that may be true, it’s likely that many of the industry pundits are backward in their idea of what Nintendo’s mobile involvement will ultimately look like.

It’s also possible that the key to success for the Nintendo NX is not in what innovation might bring, but in the existing games infrastructure the company has already built.

To fully explain what is meant by that, it’s necessary to take a look at two major players in mobile and streaming technology — Apple and Amazon.

The new Apple TV, when announced in the latter part of 2015, got many consumers technology. Part of the drive was in the new dedicated app store and the promise of beefier gaming functions.

This echoed what Amazon was already pushing some time before with the FireTV set-top box. With a longer time on the market than the new Apple device, Amazon boasts more than 800 games, which they are quick to point out is more than any other streaming device on the market.

The blunt truth of the matter, though, is that while Apple and Amazon’s devices are solid streamers and popular with consumers, their game mechanics are certainly missing something.

Nintendo has built a library of popular titles on multiple systems for going on four decades. There is nothing quite like the game play of a Mario or a Zelda or a Metroid or, most recently, Splatoon.

While the Wii U posted disappointing numbers for the company, it is starting to come on strong thanks to this latest game creation as well as Super Mario Maker.

Once considered a “loser,” the company’s current top-of-the-line system is becoming another brick in one of the most solid video game foundations in the industry.

All the Nintendo NX needs to be a game changer is to integrate that foundation into a dependable streaming box.

Rather than browbeating Nintendo to start making games for iPhone and Android — which the company is clearly not against — fans should be clamoring for the Nintendo NX to harness its existing games library and technology to disrupt the market that Apple and Amazon already seem to have a command over.

What the Nintendo NX really needs to succeed is this:

Power! More on that here:

Streaming deals: apps like Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Amazon Prime need to be included. This way, Nintendo gives the living room everything it needs to break free from traditional cable while enjoying the most popular online video services.

High definition — a given — and 4K playback, something Amazon’s Fire TV already does but that is inexplicably missing from the new Apple TV.

GamePad with Mobile: a big draw for the Wii U is that you can bring the console to a handheld unit if someone else wants to use the television. The Nintendo NX should keep this function, but make it possible to take the handheld with you so you can play from the Cloud on trips.

And speaking of Mobile, Nintendo NX needs to harness this power for its Virtual Console Library and make it possible to play classics through an app on the phone or tablet.

Last but not least, compatibility! With the Nintendo NX, you should be able to play the Virtual Console, including old Wii games, as well as all your Wii U stuff and anything new the company comes up with that is NX-specific, all on the same unit. This would allow developers to continue making Wii U games for as long as they desire. It would also make late Wii U adopters feel better.

If Nintendo NX could accomplish all these things, it would be more than just another console unit. It would be the future of the living room.

What other features would you like to see for the Nintendo NX? Sound off in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]