Donald Trump Makes News (yet again) by Comparing Campaigns to War

At a recent rally speech in South Carolina, Donald Trump compared presidential campaigns to war. That’s right. Trump told the world that running for president is akin to the shots fired and the people lost on the battlefield. Of course he also had to make comments and bring up topics which would support this analogy. ABC News quotes Trump saying, “We view this as a war. Don’t we view this as war? Right? It’s war.”

Trump doesn’t call the other candidates rivals, as would most people. “I consider them enemies,” he says. However, in his speech, his words show something more like a mud wrestling match: dirty and ruthless. He even managed to bring the war with Saddam Hussein into the speech. “They fight, that’s what they do…they go this way, 10 feet…then Saddam Hussein throws a little gas…they go back, forth, it’s the same [thing].” Somehow Trump associates that with a presidential campaign.

Trump, with a “ladies first” approach, launched his first attacks at Hillary Clinton. Or, more accurately, he directed them toward former president Bill Clinton, killing two birds with one missile. He brought up Mrs. Clinton’s “husband’s situation,” referring to the Monica Lewinsky incident, which the South Carolina audience found hilarious. He elaborated by calling Mr. Clinton “one of the greatest abusers of the world,” in response to Hillary stating her distaste for the way he treats women.

Referring to himself in the third person, Trump says “Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump.” Then he headed for the elementary playground with his heinous dirt digging on the Clinton’s with the “she started it” defense.

“I had no choice because I didn’t start it, I didn’t start it,” Trump said.

Then Trump moved on to his other war enemy and favorite punching bag, Jeb Bush. Because of Bush’s low poll numbers, this is one battle he feels that the former governor should opt to not fight. NBC reported on some nasty remarks that are rather embarrassing for Bush:

“I shouldn’t even talk about him, he’s down to two or three. He should go home and relax. He shouldn’t be wasting his time.”

However, it sounds a bit like Trump might be a bit jealous of the $60 million he says that Bush spent on campaign ads. After brandishing the Bush campaign expenditure numbers to the South Carolina crowd, Trump made an astounding announcement about his own campaign. The day after this rally took place, he told the press from his plane that, from now on, he will spend no less than $2 million per week on his ads. That is at least $8 million per month! He just can’t seem to release his death grip on his feud with former governor Bush, despite the fact that Bush is, according to Trump, “down in the grave,” while Trump is riding high at the very top of the polls.

Trump closed his rally, as usual, by reminding his enemies who is the victor at this stage of the war. In a less than humble fashion, he reminded the world that he is at the top of the polls and ahead of the race. However, with the classic Trump flare, he admitted that, should any of that change and his polls take the smallest dive, he will not speak of them the same way. He announced that he is, in fact, doing everything in his power to procure votes when election day arrives. Then, reverting back to a schoolyard mentality, he makes a less than mature comment.

“If I don’t win, I will consider this – and I mean this – a total and complete waste of time.”

That makes many of us wonder how seriously Donald Trump is taking his war-like run for presidency, and if he is not running just to kill some time between other projects.

[Photo by Nati Harnik/AP Images]