Lana Del Rey’s Boyfriend An Ex? Nick Jonas, Mom’s Charity May Explain Absence

Lana Del Rey has been the focus of many things over the month of December, and one of the reasons fans have been playing close attention is due to her possible single relationship status because of rumors about a possible breakup with boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini.

Sadly, Lana Del Rey may in fact be lonely, and there are few online clues from Francesco Carrozzini available in the recent past. But could it be that Francesco Carrozzini and Lana Del Rey are just taking a break because he has a big project in Italy — and his mother wanted him home for the holidays?

Lana Del Rey's boyfriend may just be in Italy and not an ex
Around November 11, the Daily Mail and others pointed out that Lana Del Rey and her long-time boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini could have broken up. Their evidence was an insider that stated the following.

“They love each other, but [Lana Del Rey has] wanted to settle down for over a year now and [Francesco Carrozzini is] just not there yet.”

Despite this, there is little evidence since then confirming that Francesco and Lana Del Rey have officially broke up — and have moved on to other people.

The last news online from Francesco following his alleged breakup from Lana Del Rey in early November concerned his work as a photographer.

Around December 22, Dapifer notes that Francesco Carrozzini was spending time with Nick Jonas as part of a photography project for L’Uomo. Just Jared notes that Francesco Carrozzini may have been working on the same project with Chris Brown around December 18.

As it appears, Francesco Carrozzini may not have been lost from Lana Del Rey, but instead is hanging out in Italy to do important work with his job as a photographer — but his fabulous mother was likely a welcome distraction for the adoring Francesco.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey inherited a great potential future mother-in-law when she decided to call Francesco Carrozzini her one-and-only. Franca Sozzani, Francesco Carrozzini’s mother, is the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Italy. On top of that, she flies around the world to be a judge at fashion shows.

Of course, this has landed her some notoriety with certain circles, and she recently re-stated a family passion for automobiles by having a Mini Cooper personalized for an ad campaign. According to Info Motori, the style that Franca Sozzani chose for the car’s exterior was a green and grey “Scottish Highlands tartan” plaid.

Franca Sozzani may have also been focused on having her son join her because she was doing an important fundraiser (that is, unless, Francesco was in the audience during Lana Del Rey’s Billboard Trailblazer award ceremony on December 11 and we just didn’t see him).

Lana Del Rey may have been at the Billboard music awards because Francesco Carrozzini may have been in Italy
According to Vanity Fair Italy, on December 11, Franca Sozzani, President of the Foundation IEO – CCM, was a part of the Villa Necchi charity fundraiser in Milan to raise money for “Foundation European Institute of Oncology and Cardiology Centre Monzino Foundation.”

Naturally, if Francesco dissed Lana Del Rey for charity, it is likely she accepted his terms. In 2013, Lana Del Rey made a point of working with charities in Africa and said she was inspired by the devotion Angelina Jolie gave to non-profits. According to Music News, Lana Del Rey stated the following to Madame le Figaro about the role of her rehab foundation in her life.

“Today, I spend less time at the foundation, but last July we opened two centers, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. For me selling records is incomparable to the dedication and commitment I feel for the foundation. It gives me another dimension to my life. Even as a child I’ve always felt different. I’ve always wanted to make my life a work of art.”

Unfortunately, Lana Del Rey may have needed the support from Francesco during the month of December because she bought real estate in an area targeted by robbers during the Christmas season.

In particular, around the end of November, a woman stole two of Lana Del Rey cars, according to NME. Following that, on December 2, Lana Del Rey dealt with a similar issue with a man breaking into her garage, possibly stalking her and posting on Instagram about items he stole from LDR, according to Malibu Surfside News.

As it appears, there may be a very good reason that these garage incidents keep happening to Lana Del Rey in Malibu. The Malibu Times writes on December 30 that “Malibu-ites are notorious for not locking their homes and their cars, and word is apparently getting out [to burglars].”

[Picture by Grant Lamos IV/Stringer/Getty Images]