Has Tom Cruise Found A New Actress To Cast As His Next Wife?

It seems that Tom Cruise’s reported hunt for a new wife might have ended, because rumor has it that he has found someone, and as a result, has found her a role in his next movie? It’s no secret that Cruise had been searching for someone new in his life, now that Katie Holmes left after being overwhelmed with Cruise’s commitment to Scientology.

According to the Inquisitr, Cruise has asked that Scientology leader David Miscavige make finding Tom Cruise a new wife job one — especially someone who will put Scientology as a priority. Cruise has allegedly complained that he was having trouble finding a date, and wants a new woman in his life. Katie Holmes became Cruise’s wife after a process to find a woman from Cruise previously.

Radar Online is reporting that Sofia Boutella is the woman that Tom Cruise wants to get to know right now. Boutella is physically a combination of Katie Holmes and Penelope Cruz, which seems to suit Cruise’s taste. Boutella, a virtual unknown, is now in talks to star in the new Mummy movie, thanks to Cruise’s suggestion.

“He fell immediately for Sofia’s dark, sultry good looks,” revealed the friend. “He’s on a feverish march for his next wife, and he can’t get Sofia out of his mind.”

Cruise had told friends that he was in search of his “Amal Clooney,” and Boutella might fit the bill, according to rumors.

“He feels Sofia has potential to be his next bride,” said an alleged friend of the Algerian-French actress.

Wet Paint is saying that Sofia Boutella is the object of Tom Cruise’s affection, though nobody is sure if she knows it yet.

“He flipped out when he saw her,” an alleged friend of Tom’s told Life & Style. “He kept saying, ‘Who’s that girl? Get me that girl!”

At 33, Boutella is hardly a girl, but perhaps she looks that way to 53-year-old Cruise, whose wives keep getting younger. The same friend says that Cruise is sure that he can win Boutella over and introduce her to Scientology.

Starpulse is confirming that Cruise has his eyes set on Sofia Boutella to be his next co-star. The only problem? Boutella is not yet a follower of Scientology.

“He’s looking for a woman who…understands his high post in the Church of Scientology.”

Cruise has now had marriages fail because wives had allegedly grown weary of his attachment to his religion, and he does not want to make the same mistake again. Cruise is now living on the other side of the country from his daughter Suri because her mother, Katie Holmes, is trying to protect her from Cruise’s religious calling.

But according to Ace Showbiz, there is one more catch before Tom Cruise can lock down Boutella: she already has a boyfriend.

“He’s on a feverish search for his next wife, and he can’t get Sofia out of his mind. The ‘so called’ source further claimed that Suri’s father felt Boutella has ‘potential’ to be the type of woman ‘who is smart, respectful and who understands his high post in the Church of Scientology.'”

Sofia Boutella is currently dating actor Robert Sheehan, but Cruise is confident that he could “win her over.”

Do you think there is any truth to the potential new relationship between Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella?

[Photo courtesy of Ken Ishii/Getty Images]