WWE News: Batista Protected MVP Backstage

In WWE news, MVP revealed that Batista was one of the people that protected him and his character when the two of them were working together, according to Wrestling Inc.

MVP, which stands for Montel Vontavious Porter, talked about his relationship with Batista. The two friends are apparently like brothers. MVP said Batista always looked out for him.

In wrestling promotions, such as WWE, the more valuable you become to the company, the more backstage power that you are going to receive. That’s how things work in the industry.

Batista rose through the ranks by being a member of Evolution, a stable that also consisted of Ric Flair, Triple H, and Randy Orton. By design, the group was to create two new stars.

Evolution did just that by elevating both Batista and Randy Orton into the main event. What once was considered a Four Horsemen knockoff turned out to be a really effective stable.

To build up fan support for Batista, WWE brilliantly came up with a story line where he would slowly move away from the shadow of Triple H, the leader who wanted full control.

For weeks, fans slowly started supporting and cheering Batista, even though he was still technically a heel. WWE fans wanted to see him break away from Evolution and turn baby face.

Batista cemented his main event status at Wrestlemania 21 when he finally defeated Triple H to capture the WWE Heavyweight Championship at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Once he got to the main event level, Batista started having more backstage stroke with Vince McMahon, the person that decides the fate of the performers and their characters in WWE.

When you are in a position like that, you can start looking out for performers that are lower on the ladder. According to MVP, Batista used that power to protect the former US champ.

MVP recalled a story where he and Batista were involved in a semi feud, which is a program where you wrestle one another for a couple of weeks without having a story line behind it.

Batista was given two straight victories over MVP, which is not a surprise as the top level performers usually go over on television. That is how WWE keeps their momentum rolling.

In their third week, WWE booked Batista to pick up another victory over MVP, even though the former world heavyweight champion didn’t actually need the momentum from the win.

Rather than taking the victory like a lot of other performers would, Batista decided that it made no sense for MVP to keep losing heat by being displayed as someone that cannot win.

Vince McMahon
Batista really believed that MVP could become a top level performer in WWE, so he decided to do something about it. He took MVP and went to the offices of Vince McMahon to talk.

Vince McMahon has a long history of constantly putting his top earners in advantageous positions. Two prime examples of that are Hulk Hogan and John Cena, two heavy hitters.

Not really wanting to make Batista look bad, Vince McMahon settled on a compromise. He would allow MVP to win, but it would need to be via count out, which protects Batista.

While the victory may seem irrelevant to the casual viewers, observant fans know that the win enabled MVP’s character to regain his trademark swagger by bragging about the win.

Since leaving WWE for Hollywood, Batista has been accused of being quite the selfish person. A lot of that might stem from the fact that fans turn on performers that leave WWE.

MVP just showed how caring of a person that Batista is.

[Featured Photo by Michelle Tantussi/Getty Images]