June 29, 2017
Republican Texas Lawmaker Had Penchant For Marijuana, Posted That 'Rape Is Non-Existent In Marriage' On Public Forums

Texas Republican Representative Jonathan Stickland is in hot water after public posts made in online forums surfaced that showed the lawmaker discussing smoking marijuana, wanting to grow his own stash, and telling a man that "rape is non-existent in marriage, take what you want my friend."

Forum accounts held by Strickland were released to the public that show the Texas lawmaker requesting a "smoking buddy" and for tips on how to cheat drug tests. Strickland appears to be a far cry from the Republican poster boy who ran on the platform of being a "Christian conservative liberty loving Republican." However, the conservative lawmaker says that those posts were made before he had children and changed his ways.

The Daily Mail reports that Texas Representative Jonathan Strickland has not directly responded to inquiries about forum posts that show the lawmaker discussing the use of marijuana and downplaying rape. The posts were discovered by Strickland's opponent Scott Fisher, who is running against Strickland in the Republican primaries. Fisher, a pastor and Tea Party member, disclosed the posts and noted that Strickland is not who he seems on the surface.

The posts, many of which were from years ago, show Strickland discussing a number of controversial topics on public forums. Strickland sought a "smoking buddy" in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who wanted to enjoy "da green" with him. In addition to requesting someone to smoke with, Strickland also sought out advice on how to cheat a drug test and how to grow marijuana at home.

Representative Strickland has not denied the allegations and notes that in 2001 and 2002, prior to becoming a father, he did use marijuana. Strickland admitted to searching for ways to cheat drug tests online and says he was also asking for advice on growing his own marijuana plants. However, he says that is not an accurate representation of who he is today.

"[I] wasted much of life, said and did things I wish I hadn't. But by the Grace of God my past sins are forgiven."

Although Strickland says he does not personally smoke marijuana anymore, he has pushed to decriminalize marijuana possession in the state. Despite being a conservative, Strickland hopes marijuana laws across the country will change. Therefore, it seems that past use of marijuana should not be all that surprising to his constituents.

However, the posts regarding marijuana aren't the only ones turning heads. In another post, which was made on a football website, Strickland informs another forum user that "rape is non-existent in marriage." He goes on to tell the forum poster "take what you want my friend." The post came as the other user was requesting advice on having sex with his wife.

Posts By Texas Rep
Screenshot of the marital rape comment made by Strickland, who goes by the name Stick on web forums. The Texas lawmaker is now in hot water for many of the comments he made in the past on public forums before his political career began. [Image via FFTodayForums via the New York Daily News]

Although Strickland did not directly respond to the post about marital rape, he did note that he "said and did things" he wished he hadn't.

What do you think about Strickland's opponent Scott Fisher pulling up old forum posts? Are the posts relevant to who Strickland is today, or is Fisher making himself look bad for running a negative campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Jonathan Strickland Campaign Website]