WWE News: Jim Ross Comments On ‘WWE Raw,’ Says Vince McMahon Is WWE’s Best Heel

Each week after Monday Night Raw, WWE fans far and wide express their opinions to their friends, family members, and their followers on social media. It’s nearly common courtesy to publish thoughts on WWE Raw when the show is over. Even former WWE superstars and personalities join in on the discussion every week. Two WWE Hall of Famers are famous for their post-Raw thoughts. Mick Foley and his Facebook page is one, then Jim Ross and his JrsBarbq blog is the other.

WWE fans don’t look further than Ross to find non-biased coverage of professional wrestling. Since he used to work in the WWE, he instills inside knowledge to his opinions. The best part about Ross is his inability to remain biased towards the company. At times, Ross has remained very critical of the product. Then again, there were instances of happiness aimed at the direction of the WWE decision-makers.

Jim Ross talks about Big Show

Above all else, Ross’ blog is somewhere to look for concrete thoughts on WWE Raw. When the ratings are at their lowest point, it’s interesting to find an opinion of someone who was there when the ratings were at its best. During Ross’ time as WWE commentator, nothing was more popular than WWE Raw on Monday nights.

Now, it’s unpopular to enjoy pro wrestling, and WWE Raw is attempting to get out of the depths of mediocrity with new ideas and old characters. Jim Ross touched on WWE Raw in the latest installment on his blog.

“Three hour TV shows are built for DVR’s as most people can’t stay hooked for three hours to watch a TV show.

“Vince McMahon was the star of the broadcast. He’s the WWE’s best heel by far. He loves his role, makes it is own and isn’t playing the role of a villain. I thought it was smart booking that WWE promoted the next RAW main event of which is a WWE title match with McMahon as the special referee. How many times will the Montreal Screw Job be referenced between now and January 4th?

“The Cena vs ADR conclusion was predictable but a solid match. I’d have had no issue with Cena winning the US Title back. Enjoyed the fact that WWE finally promoted something for next week of significance.

“If WWE wants the Rumble to be a hit and sell more subscriptions to the WWE Network, then they will book Brock Lesnar in it. No brainer.”

Everything Ross said here fit perfectly to what most WWE fans are thinking about the product right now. However, I don’t consider Vince McMahon the star of the broadcast, because it’s been done before. The WWE did the arrest angle with Stone Cold Steve Austin and McMahon during the Attitude Era. Like what most fans are saying, officials need to come up with original ideas.

Just to throw something out there, when Finn Balor comes up to the main roster, have him win the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Instead of making someone predictable like John Cena, Triple H, or even Sheamus win the Royal Rumble, give it to a guy like Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, or a new WWE NXT star.

Kevin Owens Intercontinental Championship WIn

Since wrestling has gone on for so long, it’s very hard to find things that haven’t been done before. Perhaps a shock is what the WWE needs to wake up from its slumber. They have the best talent, pound-for-pound. It just needs to be focused on new talent who can make a name for themselves. If officials during the Attitude Era never gave Austin and Rock a chance, then the WWE would be entirely different.

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