March 21, 2019
Olivia Jade Reportedly Furious With Mom Lori Loughlin As Her YouTube Empire Has 'Imploded Before Her Eyes'

Olivia Jade was once a rising star in the social media world, with a huge following on YouTube and Instagram and partnerships with major cosmetics brands like Sephora.

That has all fallen apart in the wake of the college admissions scandal, and a new report claims that the 19-year-old is placing the blame squarely on her mom, actress Lori Loughlin.

As the Daily Mail reported, Olivia Jade is furious with her parents after they were charged in a college bribery scandal that has rocked the academic world. Federal investigators said Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli paid $500,000 to get Olivia and her sister, Isabella, in to the University of Southern California by faking transcripts and claiming that they were athletes who competed on their school's crew team.

Loughlin's career has been rocked by the scandal, as she was dropped from the Netflix comedy Fuller House as well as by the Hallmark Channel, where she appeared on a number of movies and the show When Calls the Heart.

Olivia Jade has seen a similar decline in her own career. The makeup tutorial vlogger was dropped by major brands, including TRESemme, and her reputation as an "influencer" in the social media world is in shambles. As the Daily Mail reported, Olivia places blame squarely on her parents and believes "they have ruined everything."

A source told the outlet that the 19-year-old Olivia did not want to go to college but instead focus on growing her career on YouTube and Instagram, but they pushed her to get an education. As both Bella and Olivia have since dropped out of USC, the source said that Olivia is more upset about what it has done to her brand than the possibility that she will not get a degree. Bella was more focused on her studies and is equally devastated that she likely will not be able to complete her studies -- at least not at USC -- a source told the outlet.

There could still be even greater consequences ahead for Olivia Jade. While federal prosecutors have focused on the parents involved in the massive bust, a report from Hollywood Life claimed that Olivia is fearful that she could face prison time as well. This report painted Olivia Jade as being more sympathetic to her mother's plight, saying she feared being separated if Lori Loughlin were to serve any time in prison for the federal fraud charges.