Andy Cohen Reveals His Thoughts On Yolanda And David Foster’s Divorce

Andy Cohen is very close to the girls on the Real Housewives shows. Now he is speaking out and sharing his thoughts on Yolanda and David Foster’s divorce. She Knows shared that Andy Cohen isn’t shocked by the big divorce at all, even though a lot of fans were surprised to hear that this couple was calling it quits. Andy surprised everyone by speaking out about this split, and he is sharing exactly how he feels with the viewers.

During a recent episode of Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, he shared his exact thoughts on what is going on with Yolanda and David. The way Andy explained it is a bit different, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

“I wasn’t surprised because, you know, in every relationship, there’s a flower and there’s a gardener — and I think maybe he thought he was the flower in that relationship and she was the gardener, and she was taking care of her lemon tree — which was David Foster. And maybe she became the flower because she was sick and needed to be taken care of and also she was getting famous because of the show.”

Andy Cohen was explaining how things really have changed a lot since David and Yolanda Foster got married. Yolanda made it sound like her Lyme disease might be part of the reason for their split, and Andy Cohen seems to agree that it might be the case. She has had a rough time the last few years without a doubt. Yolanda even said something on the show before their split that made it sound like she might know it was coming.

“We used to do everything together. That is over. It’s life, and we’re either gonna all get through it together, or we’re not.”

Yolanda also talked on Watch What Happens Live about her divorce not long ago, and you can hear what she had to say below.

Andy Cohen has been Yolanda Foster’s producer for four years, and that means he has been around to watch pretty much her entire marriage with David Foster. Andy has seen them go through troubling times and isn’t surprised that they are done. Cohen has become friends with the women on these shows, and he works with them during the season and serves as the host of their big reunion shows. Of course, they are all also on his show Watch What Happens Live from time to time. It is not surprising that Andy Cohen would see something going on that the viewers might not see.

Andy Cohen is actually doing really well for himself right now. The Daily Mail shared that Andy just went on a great vacation and was showing off photos of himself jumping off a boat and showing off his body, which is very much in shape considering his age. Andy is taking care of himself right now, and that is great to see. Just a few days before that, Andy Cohen was seen out in New York City in a short-sleeved shirt that showed off his muscles. Andy does a great job of taking care of himself.

Do you agree with Andy Cohen about why Yolanda and David Foster might have called it quits? Were you surprised to hear they are over? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Tuesday nights on Bravo. As of right now on the show, Yolanda and David are still together, but fans hope a bit of the relationship ending may show up during this season.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]