Donald Trump Says All His Past ‘Indiscretions’ Are Fair Game In Politics As He Takes On Hillary Clinton’s Past

Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to mind if his dirty laundry is aired for all to see. The presidential hopeful notes that all of his past “indiscretions” are “fair game” when it comes to politics, and that the same holds true for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump recently spoke out about former president Bill Clinton’s “penchant for sexism.” Trump says it is ironic that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would call him “sexist,” yet seemingly overlook her own husband’s sexual history and past indiscretions.

The Daily Mail reports that GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is going after Hillary Clinton for calling him “sexist” for calling her Democratic bathroom break “disgusting.” Clinton said that Trump has a “penchant for sexism,” and that she isn’t surprised by anything he says or does anymore. She says he is simply trying to push the envelope.

“Nothing really surprises me anymore. I don’t know that he has any boundaries at all. His bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. And he has to keep sort of upping the stakes and going even further. I think he has to answer for what he says, and I assume that others will make the larger point about his language. It’s not the first time he’s demonstrated a penchant for sexism. Again, I’m not sure anybody’s surprised that he keeps pushing the envelope.”

However, Trump didn’t sit back and allow Hillary to call him sexist without a retort. In fact, Trump says that Hillary needs to take a look in her own home if she is wanting to see sexism. Trump used Hillary’s own words to describe not himself, but Bill Clinton. The move comes as Bill begins a campaign trail for his wife to promote her 2016 run at the presidency. Will Bill coming out to support Hillary, Trump says that his past indiscretions with women are now “fair game,” and that the public would agree.

“Frankly, Hillary brought up the whole thing with ‘sexist,’ and all I did was reverse it on her because she’s got a major problem – happens to be right in her house. So, if she wants to do that, we’re going to go right after the president, the ex-president. We’ll see how it all comes out, and I feel very confident that it’ll come out very well for us. The last person that Hillary wants to run against is me.”

After noting that Bill Clinton’s sexual past and Hillary Clinton’s handling of that past is “fair game,” a reporter asked Trump if his own past indiscretions would be “fair game.” Trump responded that, “yes, they would be.” Therefore, it seems that Trump has no problem with the Clintons going after his own past, including the infamous scandal involving his first wife, Ivana Trump, and mistress model, Marla Maples. Trump would go on to divorce Ivana and make Marla his second wife.

Despite Trump’s own past involving infidelity, it seems he is not worried about anything Clinton could possibly dig up and instead says that Hillary should be the one worried. Many others feel the same with one Fox News contributor, Katherine Timpf, pointing out that it isn’t Bill Clinton’s sexual history that paints Hillary in a bad light, but rather the way Hillary handled the alleged victims of her husband’s sexual assault. Timpf called Hillary a “fake-feminist” and says that the proof is in the fact that she publicly “shamed and attacked” women for her own political gain.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s response to Hillary Clinton’s claims that he is “sexist?”

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