Lil Wayne, Christina Milian Back Together? Luck Finally Changing

Fans of Lil Wayne and Christina Milian who want the pair in a real relationship may have had their breath taken away when they read the December 30 headlines. As it appears, Christina Milian has made a big revelation about an amicable period of time between her and Lil Wayne, and she tells it all on her latest episode of Turned Up.

Interestingly, Lil Wayne has had good luck in other ways in relation to his long list of lawyers and lawsuit problems. While it may seem like Lil Wayne’s fortune has suddenly turned for the better, he is not out of the woods yet and is losing money on his Miami real estate to the tune of $2 million.

About Lil Wayne’s relationship with Christina Milian, Hollywood Life reports on December 29 that she actually got back together with him — perhaps officially!

Christina Milian is back with Lil Wayne but she means business this time

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Christina Milian was upset about a lie that Lil Wayne told her and also about the fact that he invited his ex Dhea to Thanksgiving instead of Christina Milian. Around December 1, it looked like things were officially over forever between the two and that Lil Wayne had been banished from Christina Milian’s life.

Nevertheless, when Christina Milian released 4U on December 4, it was clear to some that the lyrics might be about how much she missed Lil Wayne.

Now, we know that Lil Wayne made it up to her by sending her flowers, and the gesture that he made “just becuz” was enough for Christina Milian to think that maybe Lil Wayne was not so bad after all.

E! Online summarizes Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s renewed relationship as having a few potential issues.

For example, Christina Milian said in reference to her relationship with Lil Wayne, “The long distance thing works for me but at the same time I’m like OK I’m kinda ready for him to come out here.”

Christina Milian’s friends also wonder if she can trust Lil Wayne while he’s away from her. Despite this, Christina Milian suggested that she wasn’t worried about Lil Wayne being with other women in some way. However, she was irritated that he lied about it.

Christina Milian reassured her friends (and television audience) on Turned Up that after lying about another woman to her, Lil Wayne realized how badly he hurt her and “he realized I wasn’t playing around this time” and that “he wants to work it out.”

Lil Wayne, Christina Milian have reunited because he swears he won't hurt her again

Other good luck is that the larger of Lil Wayne’s lawyer lawsuits have cleared up. According to RT, around December 26, it was announced that Lil Wayne was being sued for $375,000. Express NG stated on December 30 that now those lawyers are dropping their case. On the other hand, the lawyers stating Lil Wayne owes $80,000 are still suing, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

As far as bad luck, it turns out it is not as awful as it first seems. The issue Lil Wayne is having is that he still has not been able to sell his Miami mansion at the $18 million original listing price. Instead, according to Miami Curbed, Lil Wayne has reduced it to $16 million to get the property sold as quickly as possible.

However, Lil Wayne will still gain over $5 million that he originally paid for it in 2011 at $11.6 million. Is Lil Wayne going to sell his property in Miami at a bargain price just so he can move to be closer to Christina Milian?

Unfortunately, those details may not be publicized on Turned Up in the near future since the January 12, 2016, season finale is coming up in two episodes, according to TV Guide.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]