‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robin And Patrick Make Big Moves, Jason And Sam Grow Closer, And Morgan Ends Up In Trouble

Viewers will not want to miss Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that there will be some fun moments between Sam and Jason in this one, but there is new drama ahead during this December 30 episode as well.

Although Jason is a bit lost these days in the wake of splitting with Elizabeth over her lies, he is starting to reconnect with some of the people who had been central to his former life. Jason has spent time with Spinelli and Robin this week, and now he’ll be reconnecting a bit more with Sam. General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps tease that the two will run into one another in a very familiar place.

Previews show Sam and Jason chatting at the Floating Rib. They’ll talk a bit about his former love for football and soon there is a challenge extended over a game of pool. While Jason still doesn’t remember much about his former life or his love for Sam, the two are slowly reconnecting and “JaSam” fans are thrilled.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will be asking Curtis for a favor while Franco is involved in something that looks a bit suspicious down at the docks. Many are getting ready for a big New Year’s Eve party, but Lulu warns Johnny that he should be laying low, not hanging out where he might be spotted.

Morgan has been struggling with his bipolar disorder, and Carly is quite worried about him. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will talk with Sonny about her concerns, while Michael connects with Morgan to see how he’s doing. Something comes up that leaves Carly feeling a bit stunned, although viewers will have to tune in to see what it is she sees.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, Franco will be looking to crank things up a notch with Nina. The two have still been dancing around getting intimate with one another, and General Hospital spoilers share that Franco will be looking to change that as they ring in 2016. There may be quite a few kisses as midnight strikes, and teasers indicate that Lulu gets a kiss as well. Is this one from a bold Johnny?

Kristina returned to Port Charles recently, but she has been keeping a secret. General Hospital spoilers share that she will connect with Morgan during Wednesday’s show, and they will agree to help one another cover up their respective secrets. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Morgan will find himself in a precarious position in this episode, seemingly as he tries to help Sonny by heading to the docks to watch Raj and the gun deal.

There is some buzz floating around that Jason and Sam might share a kiss as the clock strikes midnight, which could spark another memory flash for him. There is also romance coming for Robin and Patrick in this episode. Maxie urged Patrick to plan a future with Robin during Tuesday’s episode, and it sounds like he’s taking her advice.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be a proposal between Patrick and Robin in this episode, but there may be a little twist in this one. It also seems that the two will head to the bedroom to further reconnect. Although Robin and Patrick are said to be leaving Port Charles quite soon, at this point it looks like it will be as a happily reunited, and perhaps married, couple.

This is the last new episode of General Hospital for 2015. On Thursday, viewers will get a rerun of the December 2 episode while Friday brings college football bowl games. Fans can surely brace themselves for plenty of drama when General Hospital comes back in January with new episodes, and viewers cannot wait.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]