Kirk Cameron Shares Throwback Photo Of Him And Wife Chelsea On 25th Anniversary Of Their Engagement, Talks Film ‘Saving Christmas’

Kirk Cameron was being very sentimental on Wednesday, December 30, as he shared a throwback photo of him and his wife, Chelsea Noble, from 25 years ago. So, what’s the special occasion? Well, Kirk explained in a Facebook post that he asked Chelsea to be his wife 25 years ago today.

“25 years ago, today, I took a beautiful girl to dinner and put that ring on her finger, and an angel took this photo for us immediately after she said, ‘Yes!'” Cameron wrote before recalling the exact moment it took place, remembering every last detail. “I remember asking Chelsea to marry me like it was yesterday… excitedly eating dinner with her at a private table for two, warmed by a roaring fireplace, and exchanging belated Christmas gifts at her favorite B&B in Clarence, NY- snow falling past the window on December 30, 1990- one of the best days of my life!”

Kirk Cameron ended his post about his wife with a quote from the Bible: “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” (Proverbs 31:10) I found her!! I tell Chelsea all the time, ‘If you ever leave me, I’m going with you!'”

Kirk Cameron and his wife
Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble pose as they celebrated their engagement 25 years ago
[Photo via Facebook]
Cameron, a Christian actor and film producer, was very excited about the Christmas season. Cameron has always been vocal about his love for the holiday, and the 45-year-old actor and star of Saving Christmas had previously said that he hoped he could infect others with the same Christmas spirit.

“I’m hoping that people will take away a renewed joy for celebrating Christmas,” Cameron told the Gospel Herald during an exclusive interview. “I’m hoping to give them new eyes to see it through, so everything from the decorations to Santa Claus to all the presents and festivities, I want people to see all those things as reason to celebrate the fact that God came to this earth to shine light in the darkness and bring life where there is death.”

Saving Christmas arrived on DVD in November, and the film, which also stars Darren Doane and Bridgette Cameron, attempted to “put the Christ back in Christmas.”

“People can get really upset about Christmas trees and Santa Claus. So, this movie is about a guy who is upset about the decorations his wife puts up in his house for Christmas because he actually thinks it takes away from the Christmas season. I go out there and take him by his Christmas sweater and attempt to give him new eyes through which to see all these traditions,” Cameron explained, according to Christian Today.

Kirk continued by explaining that while it is nice to make people feel appreciated by giving gifts on Christmas, it is important that people realize that maxing out your credit cards isn’t the right way to go about doing it, and gifts are not all Christmas is about.

“Everyone loves to be thought of and appreciated, and giving gifts is a way to show someone that they love them. Of course, they shouldn’t be maxing out their credit cards and going into debt, and commercialism can put a sour note on the holidays. But we should lean into the celebration and the joy and the gift giving and the decorating and the celebrating and the feasting—that is the heart of ‘Saving Christmas’,” he said.
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[Photo by Jim Cooper/Associated Press]