Josh Duggar Preparing For January Sexual Battery Hearing By Returning To Arkansas? Flight Records Indicate He May Be Home

A hearing has been set for January 21, at which Josh Duggar, or his legal representation, must be present for an initial pretrial conference regarding the sexual battery case filed against the shamed Duggar son by porn star Danica Dillon. The pretrial hearing comes as Josh Duggar’s lawyers filed for a notice of removal on December 23. The disgraced sex addict’s lawyers filed a notice of removal in order to have the case transferred from Pennsylvania state court to federal district court. The case was originally filed in Pennsylvania courts, as that is the state in which Dillon claims the sexual assault took place. However, neither Josh Duggar nor Danica Dillon reside in the state. Therefore, Duggar’s legal team is hoping to have the case moved to federal court. In preparation for the upcoming hearing, it seems that Josh Duggar may have returned to Arkansas and cut his rehabilitation short. Flight records indicate that the Duggar family plane made a flight to Rockford, Illinois, on December 29 and quickly returned. Was Josh Duggar on the plane that landed in Springdale, Arkansas, late last night?

Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their fourth child shortly before news of his cheating scandal broke (Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram)
Radar Online reports that the disgraced Duggar son Josh has finally responded to the sexual battery charges filed against him by porn star Danica Dillon. The porn star claims that Duggar assaulted her physically by choking her during a paid sexual encounter. Dillon says that she “felt as if she were being raped” due to the violent nature of the sexual session, and says that Josh also refused to wear a condom while the pair had sex. Dillon admits that she went on to have paid sex with Josh on a second occasion, but says that the Duggar son had apologized for his previous rough encounter and promised to be more relaxed. Therefore, she agreed. Now, Dillon has filed a sexual battery charge against Josh Duggar and says she suffered physical and emotional injuries from the incident. The case was filed against the disgraced reality star on November 17, 2015, with Duggar’s legal team responding on December 23, 2015, requesting that the case be moved to federal courts.

“Defendant manhandled Plaintiff and physically assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries. Indeed, Plaintiff felt as if she were being raped by the Defendant.”

A pretrial hearing was set for January 21, 2016, at which a judge will consider whether the case should be moved to federal court or remain in Pennsylvania. The pretrial hearing is set to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Judge Kearney ordering Josh Duggar to file a pretrial memo by January 11, 2016, and Danica Dillon to respond by January 19, 2016. The pair, or their legal representation, will then attend the pretrial hearing to discuss the memo and response for final determination.

With only 12 days left until Duggar’s memo is due to courts, it seems that Josh Duggar may have returned to Arkansas in preparation. Flight records show that the Duggar family airplane left Springdale, Arkansas, on December 29 and landed in Rockford, Illinois. The airport in Rockford is only 10 miles away from the rehabilitation facility that Josh is attending for his sex and pornography addiction. The airplane was only on the ground for a little over an hour, just enough time to pick up a passenger, before heading back to Arkansas. The plane landed back in Springdale that same night.

Josh Duggar back in Arkansas
This isn’t the first time that the Duggar airplane flew to Rockford this month. In fact, on Christmas Eve, it was speculated that Anna Duggar flew to Rockford with her four children to spend time with Josh in rehab for Christmas. The airplane did not return until Christmas evening, at which point Anna and the kids were once again videoed at Duggar family festivities in Arkansas.

What do you think about Josh Duggar potentially leaving rehab early to deal with the Danica Dillon sexual battery case? Do you think he will show his face at the pretrial hearing or send his legal representation in his place?

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