A Few Weird Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Countless numbers of people often plan their New Year’s Eve celebrations a good deal in advance, and a lot of the time, those celebrations revolve around ringing in the New Year at a popular bar or club, surrounded by boisterous crowds and plenty of wild revelry.

Are you tired of the same old routine? Want to experience something unique this year?

Here are five unique ways to ring in the New Year.

Walleye Madness in Port Clinton, Ohio

Residents of Port Clinton, the self-proclaimed Walleye Capital of the World situated along Lake Erie, have held the Walleye Madness at Midnight event since 1996. Residents celebrate on New Year’s Eve by lowering a 20-foot, 600-pound fiberglass fish modeled after the town mascot, Wylie the Walleye, at the stroke of midnight. Fireworks follow, and the festivities begin at dusk.

Walleye Madness at Midnight is one way to ring in the New Year. [Photo via walleyemadness,com]

Local businesses cheerfully participate in the celebrations. Restaurants make dishes such as Walleye chowder, Walleye sandwiches, Walleye cinnamon chips, and Walleye popcorn. One local winery even created a Walleye white wine in honor of the event.

Throw Your Furniture Out The Window In Italy

At the risk of getting arrested for disturbing the peace — depending on where one lives — this idea from the Italians is quite interesting.

Some cultures believe throwing furniture out the window on New Year's Eve will help bring positive changes in the coming year.

In some areas of Italy on New Year’s Eve, people will throw items like furniture, pots, and pans from their windows at midnight. This tradition is done to symbolize getting rid of the old things in one’s life, letting go of negativity and embracing the upcoming year and positive changes ahead. A few other cultures have also started adopting the tradition.

Chile drop in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Want to spice things up a bit? This New Year’s Eve, head to Las Cruces, where a 19-foot-long chile will be dropped along the Las Cruces Main Street at the stroke of midnight.

The Las Cruces Childe Drop was launched in December, 2014, as a way to pay homage to chile growers in the region.

A great way to ring in the New Year is to watch a Chile drop from sky. [Photo via santafenewmexican.com]

This event also features a number of street festivities and entertainment options for adults and children alike.

Bonfire Battle in The Netherlands

Want to see sparks fly this New Year’s Eve?

In an age-old tradition, Scheveningen (Noorderstrand) and Duindorp (Zuiderstrand) compete to see who can build the largest bonfire in the Netherlands.

Young and old all work together to help build the bonfires, using pallets as their source of material. Construction of the bonfires begins on December 27. Many spectators come to watch the battle and listen to the musical entertainment provided. Visitors are also treated to a fireworks display.

People compete to build the largest bonfire in Holland. [Image via Twitter.com]

Since 2014, the bonfire in Scheveningen has been listed as Dutch Cultural heritage. The stack of pallets in Dunidorp was dubbed the largest bonfire in the world, and entered into the Guinness World Records in January, 2015.

Eat Grapes For Luck In Spain

In Spain, eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve is both a tradition and a superstition.

Many people focus on eating 12 grapes during the first 12 seconds of the New Year. Each second is counted down with a chime. According to legend, people who do not participate run the risk of having bad things happen to them in the coming year, as the 12 grapes symbolize 12 lucky months ahead.

In Spain, eating 12 grapes the first 12 seconds after midnight on New Year's Eve is said to bring good luck in the coming year. [Image via voyagevixens.com]

Though taken somewhat seriously, the tradition is also seen as good fun as people try to complete the feat without choking while laughing as they stuff their mouths full of grapes.

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