Donald Trump: Strongest Choice For President

The controversial Donald Trump. What can we say about his presidential campaign thus far?

Donald Trump has been the front runner by a large majority on the Republican side of the race to become the next president. Even though his strong opinions and statements are often met with media scorn and backlash, it seems that America desires Donald Trump for his leadership skills. Trump is not afraid to say exactly what he means, and when his comments come under fire, as they invariably do, he actually stands by his word.

Donald Trump is not a meek, politically correct, fearful candidate. Trump thrusts his opinions on the public with the belief that what he says is true, and many Americans agree. It’s time we have a strong president in office again; one who can lead us back to the right direction because, honestly, as a country we’ve veered far off course.

A related article by the Inquisitr cites a report showing that when Donald Trump first announced his bid, he was supported by 20 percent of Republican voters. Over time, that amount has increased to an incredible 57 percent.

The issues Donald Trump plans to address as president are desperately needed. There are many urgent issues on the list, including keeping Americans safe from ISIS threats; building a wall across the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into America; a plan to shrink the national deficit instead of increasing it; a leader who knows how to create both jobs and money, and knows how to handle income.

One of the best and most unique qualities about Donald Trump’s run for office is his campaign budget. Trump is providing all of the money to cover his bid for office from his own pocket. The Donald is refusing to accept donations for the most part. Only very small offers will be accepted. In the following video clip, Donald Trump explains why only small amounts such as “7 dollars, 9 dollars, 100 dollars” will be accepted.

CNN reports that while Trump has a very large spending budget for marketing his presidential campaign, as of yet, he has not spent any money on television ads.

“When I see a 40, and I see a 12 or a 13 in second, I see no reason to spend. But [now]I feel I should spend. And honestly, I don’t want to take any chances.”

“My campaign for president is $35,000,000 under budget, I have spent very little (and am in 1st place). Now I will spend big in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina.”

Donald Trump’s proposed campaign ads will feature key issues and where The Donald stands on them. It seems he has no plans to negatively impact other presidential hopefuls, but he does promise to fight fire with fire. If mud is slung in his face, he has no problem returning the favor, Fox News reports.

A Trump advisor had this to say about negative marketing pointing at Donald.

“If you attack Trump, he will attack you 10 times as hard. We will not allow any attack to go unanswered.”

GOP candidates beware. Although, if they’ve been paying even a little attention to Donald Trump, this should come as no surprise.

“Starting around January 4 we’re spending a lot of money. The press is hearing this for the first time, they’re probably gonna go crazy.”

Apparently, Donald Trump plans to spend $2 million a week in campaign ads. If he’s this far ahead without a wide scale marketing campaign, what will happen once his ads begin to air?

[Image credit: Carlos Osorio/Associated Press]