‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Still Feuding With Sister Kathy Hilton, Christmas Snapshot Was Staged

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton may have spent some time together over the Christmas holiday but that doesn’t mean the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills siblings have settled their beef. Although a photo of the two reality stars posing together made its way to Kyle’s Instagram account, the two sisters are still very much in feuding mode.

An inside source close to the sisters told People that Kyle and Kathy remain at odds because of Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, who had some bad real estate dealings with Kathy’s husband. This news comes after what appeared to be a happy holiday for both families, who enjoyed each other’s company over Christmas.

“There is still lots of tension. There is no truce,” the source revealed. “They put on a good face at the party [but] there’s a lot to work on still.”

The picture of the two sisters posing together was taken during a Christmas Eve party hosted by the Kardashian and Jenner families. Prior to the event, Kyle and Kathy were still not speaking to each other, and it does not appear as though the party changed any of that.

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards [Image via Bravo]
“Kathy’s husband Rick is still mad at Mauricio, for leaving [Rick’s real estate company] Hilton & Hyland and starting [successful competitor] The Agency. The animosity has been building up for a while. Mauricio isn’t even welcome in the Hilton house,” the source explained.

While the drama may have originated with the husbands, it quickly bled over into Kyle and Kathy’s relationship, and even made its way onto the reality show. The drama reached a high point after Kathy uninvited Kyle Richards to her daughter’s wedding over the summer. Although Kyle was eventually invited to attend Nicky’s wedding, her husband was not allowed at the ceremony.

“Kathy is mad that Kyle brought Nicky into the fight,” the insider stated. “There is so much drama in that family. It’s sad that even over the holidays, they still can’t get along.”

Meanwhile, ET Online is reporting that the sister’s relationship has improved following the holiday season. Although neither Kyle nor Kathy have come out to officially comment on the issue, their activity on social media does appear to be a lot friendlier than it has in weeks past. Perhaps the family gathering, which included the likes of Faye Resnick, Kris Jenner, Brenda Richie, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian, had a positive impact on the two.

At the same time, Bravo has revealed that Kyle’s family also had quite the holiday season. In fact, Sophia Umansky, Kyle and Maricio’s daughter, was also in attendance at the event and managed to snap a quick photo with Drake.

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards [Image via Bravo]
The Umansky family also took their own holiday portrait and participated in a variety of holiday activities, which including an up close and personal visit with some reindeer and an appearance with Santa Claus. Apart from the party and events, the Umanskys appeared to wrap up the Christmas weekend by spending some time by the fire, where they took a break from the busy holiday season.

That being said, until Kyle’s husband resolves his issues with Kathy’s husband, it does not appear as though the two families are going to be moving past their differences any time soon. Adding in Kyle’s troubled relationship with her other sister, Kim Richards, and the holiday get together may prove to be a simple respite from the ongoing feuding between the siblings.

Fans can continue to follow the drama between Kyle and Kathy when the current season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picks back up in January on Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]