Georgia Rape Victim Forced To Call Boyfriend Saves Life By Calling 911 Instead

A Georgia rape victim forced to call her boyfriend so he could listen to the assault managed to save her life by calling 911 instead, according to WSB-TV.

The incident took place Monday morning in Georgia’s Clayton County when Robert Giles, 27, kidnapped the victim and took her to a car park behind an adult gift shop with the intention of raping her, officials said. Giles demanded that the woman call her boyfriend so he could listen to her being raped.

However, thanks to some quick thinking on the victim’s part, not only did the police manage to save the woman’s life but also successfully nabbed the culprit, who now faces a host of charges, including rape, false imprisonment, obstruction, and kidnapping, according to the New York Daily News.

Police said the 911 operator whom the Georgia woman called also kept his wits about him and played along, pretending to be the woman’s boyfriend until officers showed up at Starship Novelties and Gifts near Jonesboro and caught Giles in the act, said Clayton County police Major Joe Woodall.

Robert Giles kidnapped a woman with the intention of raping her.

According to police records, Giles kidnapped the victim from her home in Hapeville, Atlanta, at about 4 a.m. Monday morning and brought her to a deserted car park on Tara Boulevard with the intention of raping her. It was then that the suspect forced the woman to call her boyfriend so he could listen to her being raped. The Georgia woman, whose name has not been released by the police to keep her identity safe, called 911 and told the attacker that it was her boyfriend. Fortunately, the 911 operator quickly caught wind of the situation and played along, confirmed the officials.

“She explained to him what the perpetrator had told her; that he was wanting him to listen while she was being raped.”

Police immediately reached the scene of the crime and caught Robert Giles in the act, according to the records.

“They were able to stop it right then and there and snatched him right from the car,” said an officer.

Local news channels requested Clayton County officials to release the 911 call recording, but it was deemed “too horrific” and graphic in nature to be released.

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In the aftermath of the incident, the Georgia woman has been applauded for her bravery and presence of mind to call 911 in a stressful situation.

“She still had the presence of mind to call for help. And that probably saved her life,” said Kenneth Gant, a Clayton County resident who lives in the vicinity of the rape victim’s house.

“This is really heartbreaking and heartwarming at once,” said a man.

The 911 operator has also been lauded for playing his part in helping the police get hold of Giles.

“It was quick thinking on the [911 operator’s] behalf. In fact, it might have saved her life,” Woodall said.

“Kudos to the operator who was keen enough to listen to what was going on,” another man said.

As for the rape suspect, people believe that Giles must be really sick to do something like that.

“Sick. Very sick-minded for anyone to do that,” said Jessica Watley about the suspect.

This might be the only time where a rape victim’s and a 911 operator’s ingenuity and clever thinking have helped police nab a sex offender, and one can only hope such situations do not arise too often.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]