Louis Tomlinson Succeeds Zayn Malik As Serial Womanizer: Seriously?

Louis Tomlinson is under constant media attack at present. Over recent months, Tomlinson has been dragged into the spotlight numerous times over his relationships. Louis’s relationship with his natural father was big news back in the summer. As reported in Inquisitr at the time, it was claimed that Tomlinson’s natural father, Troy Austin, was about to make revelations that would blow Louis’ family apart.

Those claims emerged shortly after it emerged that Tomlinson was to become a father. It was alleged that Louis had made L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth pregnant after the pair had a brief relationship during a pause in One Direction’s world tour. In recent months, it has been claimed that Louis intended to marry Briana, that he intended to buy her a house in L.A. and that he intended to be fully involved in raising baby Tomlinson.

Strangely, Louis has been resolutely silent about Jungwirth and baby Tomlinson. As reported in Inquisitr, the Sun claimed journalists were warned that any questions about the baby would lead to termination of the interview. Since October of this year, Tomlinson has been the Sun’s“public enemy No 1.” The U.K. tabloid’s Dan Wootton claimed that Louis and Harry Styles had fallen out, and tension between them, and Tomlinson’s alleged drug use was behind One Direction’s decision to take a lengthy break.

It has long been the case that Louis and the rest of One Direction have had their image very carefully managed by their management. The Sony e-mail leak showed that, in the past, Zayn Malik was portrayed as One Direction’s “bad boy,” a poser, a player, and a serial womanizer.

It seems that mantle has now passed to Tomlinson. Louis has been photographed on numerous occasion partying with numerous beautiful young women. Even when the Daily Mail was claiming that Briana was in London attending One Direction concerts with Louis’ family, he was being photographed in cabs with other women.

In recent weeks, it has been claimed that Louis has dumped Briana and is now dating actress Danielle Campbell. The Mirror claims that Louis has spent time in Chicago with Campbell’s family, and she will be flying to the U.K. to see in the new year with Tomlinson and his family.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans believe that these claims are simply a management PR stunt. It is something of a tradition that Harry Styles has a “winter girlfriend” who shows up in December and disappears in February. A part of the tradition is the “milkshake” date where Harry is photographed sharing a milkshake with his new belle. This year we have seen Louis and Danielle sharing a milkshake, and in a gripping variation on the theme, we now see the emergence of the ice-cream date.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, the source of the Campbell stories is U.K. tabloid, The Sun,who report that Louis’ relationship with Campbell is “hotting up.” The tabloid quotes an “unnamed source” who says that Tomlinson and Campbell are the real deal. Coincidentally, the Sun’s U.S. editor Pete Samson just happens to be married to Simon Cowell’s head of PR.

“Danielle and Louis are really into one another. She’s flown out here just a week after he was with her in her home town.”

“She’s been enjoying herself, sightseeing with pals in the day, but it’s clear they’ll see each other away from prying eyes. Louis normally has a big New Year bash at his, so the chances are she’ll meet some of his friends and family there for the first time.”

While the Sun are focusing on Louis’ supposed love affair with Danielle, they have not forgotten about heavily pregnant Briana who is due to give birth “any day now.”

Coincidentally, pictures have emerged that purportedly show Briana with her family during the holidays. Strangely, if the picture is indeed of Briana, she seems to be remarkably slim for a lady who is due to give birth very soon.

Many One Direction fans believe that Louis Tomlinson is the subject of a smear campaign that intends to paint him as One Direction’s new “bad boy” since Zayn Malik is no longer part of the band. Tomlinson certainly seems to be subject of image manipulation for reasons unknown. One thing is certain; the world Louis Tomlinson inhabits is a very strange one indeed.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]