‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Is Shocked To Find Out The Truth About Ben

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Abigail Deveraux is about to get a huge shock. She’ll find out that her ex-fiance, Ben Weston, isn’t the father of her newborn son, Thomas.

According to the Christian Post, Abigail’s son, Thomas Jack Deveraux, named after her father and grandfather, will need serious medical care, which will require a DNA work up from both of his parents. During the DNA scanning it will be revealed that Ben, a serial killer currently behind bars, isn’t the father of Abby’s baby boy!

Days of Our Lives viewers know that this can only mean one thing: the baby’s father is Abigail’s ex-boyfriend and current love, Chad DiMera! Chad, however, is being less than sweet to Abby at the moment.

days of our lives chad and abby.
It seems that Days of Our Lives fans will get to see Abigail tell Chad that he’s a father, which could either turn his attitude towards her around and make him remember that he’s head over heels in love with her, or he’ll become even more disrespectful to her as the result of his big brother Andre DiMera’s brainwashing.

Currently, Days of Our Lives viewers have been watching as Andre hijacked Chad’s hypnotherapy with Dr. Marlena Evans and brainwashed him to dump Abigail in order to pursue Belle Black-Brady, whom he believes holds the key to getting the DiMera fortune back from her older sister, Sami Brady.

While Andre is right, and Belle does have much of the DiMera money stuffed away in an offshore account, Chad won’t likely be able to get to it even if Belle does turn her romantic feelings towards the youngest DiMera.

Meanwhile, Belle is really caught between multiple love interests. Although Days of Our Lives watchers know she’s recently received divorce papers from longtime love Shawn Douglas Brady, she still loves her estranged husband, all the while Chad DiMera is wooing her, and her ex-husband Philip Kiriakis seems to be trying to move in on his former love as well. This week, Philip asked Belle to attend the Basic Black fashion show with him and she accepted, although rumor has it that she’ll switch dates during the event and possibly even leave the fashion show with Chad!

Days of Our Lives Belle and Chad.
More Days of Our Lives spoilers for upcoming episodes suggest that Abigail will actually find Chad in bed with Belle and she’ll probably be devastated by her shocking find. Will Belle end up causing more trouble for Chad and Abby, or will the knowledge that they share a child together be the thing that brings Chad back into Abigail’s arms?

Either way, Belle’s love life is quickly becoming a hot topic among Days of Our Lives fans, and if she thinks she’s juggling a lot now with Philip and Chad, just wait until Shawn returns to Salem in early 2016! Belle’s life is sure to be flipped upside down once more, and she’ll be forced to choose between her former lovers all over again. Perhaps Belle will actually try to stay single for awhile, but we highly doubt that. That’s never been Belle’s M.O.

The drama won’t end on Days of Our Lives in the New Year either, as a huge disaster is about to take place and will claim the life of Dr. Daniel Jonas. Several people will be involved in this shocking event including Daniel’s ex-girlfriend Jennifer Horton. It should be a very dramatic 2016 in Salem, and fans can’t wait to see how it all plays out for Abigail, Chad, Belle, and the rest of the Salem residents. Stay tuned weekdays on NBC to watch it all go down.

What are your thoughts on Chad being the father of Abigail’s baby on Days of Our Lives?

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