Charity Hospital: New Orleans Mystery Solved – What Was The Light In The Window?

Charity Hospital in New Orleans has become a viral sensation this holiday season. A mysterious light appearing in one windows of the abandoned hospital has people talking, according to the Huffington Post.

After a photo of the mysterious Christmas tree shaped light was posted on social media, it went viral. The post generated thousands of shares. People speculated about the source of the light in the window. Was it a ghost or some other supernatural presence?

People heard of the light and went to see it for themselves. Some took more photos of the light, which were then also shared on social media.

One woman, who works at the hospital across from Charity Hospital, shared her photo of the mysterious light on Facebook. She spoke about the photo in her post.

“Charity hospital has been closed, it’s windows darkened, since hurricane Katrina, and is a gloomy and dreary sight on the best of days…at night it’s down-right scary. Until tonight. See, I park on the roof of my parking garage, and tonight as I was leaving work, I glanced over at the forgotten building, only to see the lights of a tiny Christmas tree! I wish the pictures did it justice. I don’t know how it’s lit. I don’t know how it’s even in there, but it made me smile just a little bit tonight!”

The nurse, who works at Tulane Medical Center, shared her photo on December 27. Her post now has nearly 20,000 shares.

However, the ghostly Christmas tree is not really a tree at all. Someone went inside the abandoned building after they saw the post going viral, and there is nothing supernatural at all about the light. That person shared their own photo of the source of the mysterious, and it is nothing but a box with two lights shining on it. They revealed their find on Instagram.

“A photo of the outside of this room is going viral and people think these lights are a ghost Christmas tree. The only thing scary about this is how much the City of NOLA spends to keep the power on.”

The Huffington Post did reach out to authorities in New Orleans about the lighting and the photo, and those officials said that the power is still on in the abandoned building because the city is trying to get someone interested in repurposing the structure. WBAL reported that LSU Police went inside the structure and took down the lights.

The location actually has a long history. Charity Hospital was shut down after flooding damaged it during Hurricane Katrina. The original hospital was initially founded in 1736. In recent years, the hospital has been featured in television shows, including NY Med and Trauma: Life in the ER.

The photo of the creepy lights in Charity Hospital is not the first eerie or creepy photo to go viral that was proven to later not be anything supernatural. Back in August, a cloaked figure scared residents of an apartment building in North Carolina. According to an Inquistr report, some called and reported the sighting of the figure wearing a black cloak to police. A photo of the figure went viral.

The police did investigate the sighting because some felt it might be something sinister. Others thought it might be supernatural. However, it was later determined that was a college student working on a project for a class. The figure dressed in black had no sinister intentions at all.

Photos that show something paranormal do tend to cause a lot of attention on social media. In the case of the photo taken of Charity Hospital, some were hoping for some type of Christmas miracle. Perhaps the attention will cause someone to become interested in the hospital, and it will be used once again.

Have you ever seen something you could not explain?

[Image by Infrogmation via Wikimedia Commons]