‘One Piece Burning Blood’ To Feature 1 Vs 1 Combat

Bandai Namco has confirmed that One Piece: Burning Blood will be released on consoles globally in 2016. This title directly follows One Piece: Pirate Warriors. Series producer, Koji Nakajima and game director Hiroyuki Kaneko recently discussed the up-coming title during an interview with Play Station Lifestyle.net.

This news was also confirmed by a tweet sent out by Bandai Namco themselves claiming that the title will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1.

Unlike Pirate Warriors and the One Piece games preceding it, Burning Blood will feature a 1-on-1 fighting system rather than a musou style. A musou-styled adventure game is when a character is placed in an open world beat-em-up setting rather than facing one opponent head on.

“The previous One Piece games were Musou-styled games, whereas this will be the first 1 vs. 1 entry in the series, what are some of the special features of this set-up? For example, in the Musuo games you can’t call upon extra characters…”

A statement from Nakajima and Hiroyuki on making the move to a 1 vs. 1 combat format.

Play Station Lifestyle.net also reports that One Piece: Burning Blood will feature a 3-on-3 fighting system where players can strategically swap between characters on their team also.

The game creators wanted to focus more on the adventure aspect of One Piece series mainly through the perspective of the protagonist of One Piece this time, Monkey D. Luffy. The new gameplay system will also focus on Luffy’s, and other selectable characters’, fighting sequences during a 1 vs. 1 battle.

Nakajima and Hiroyuki also claim that because of this, characters can now create their own original combos and fighting nuances given the new dynamic fighting system. Fans have already witnessed this in the reveal trailer.

Geek Culture reports that just like the anime and manga, the use of haki and Devil Fruit abilities are now taken into strategic consideration in Burning Blood during battle. This will make the fighter-switching feature a strategic device during a match.

For instance, fans of the franchise will know that only armament haki is powerful against logia-type Devil fruit eaters. Therefore, if a player is using a character without this ability, and they are up against a logia user, then the player will have to switch to a haki-enabled character for an even match.

A fighting system such as this has been done with other anime based games like the Naruto Ninja Storm franchise for an example. However, this sort of game play is unprecedented for any One Piece game so far. Burning Blood will change the way One Piece is played by taking this new approach.

Burning Blood creators also claimed that the title will use the original voice actors from the anime. “We are localizing the text for each country, but for the voice we are only using Japanese voice over. The reason is because we want to produce the original atmosphere of the One Piece series.”

The character roster is planned to be huge. However, it could still be a while until any official characters are officially announced.

The trailer shows Luffy using his “Fourth Gear” and creators say that they have more surprises like this in store according to the interview conducted by PlayStationlifestyle.net.

Burning Blood creators also confirmed that certain characters will be making a first time appearance in the One Piece game franchise altogether.

Players can also expect plenty of console exclusives, Easter eggs, DLC packages, merchandise, and other extra content that should be rewarding to One Piece fans.

No specific release date has been confirmed for One Piece: Burning Blood yet. But fans should be excited for these changes and have a lot to look forward to.