Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Could Easily Lose To Donald Trump In General Election

Daryl Deino

2008 was a horrible year for Hillary Clinton. She was widely expected to win the Democratic nomination and become the first female president. Barack Obama pulled a huge upset on Clinton and not only beat her for the Democratic nomination, but won the presidential race.

In 2016, it seems as if nothing can stop Hillary from winning the Democratic nomination. But if the election were today, she would be tied with Donald Trump, the likely nominee for the Republican party. The Hill has the news.

"Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are statistically tied in the latest hypothetical match-up as the Republican front-runner escalates his attacks against the leading Democrat. When 1000 likely voters nation-wide were asked who they would support if the presidential election were held today, 37 percent said Clinton while 36 percent said Trump, according to the Rasmussen Reports telephone survey."

" A number of African-American social media users pushed back against Hillary Clinton's attempt to reach black voters with a Kwanzaa Twitter avatar. 'Wishing everyone the best this Kwanzaa. To all celebrating — Bill and I send you our warmest wishes. -H,' Clinton tweeted on Saturday night."

"Yo, @HilaryClinton is so disprespectful," tweeted Kayla Reed.

"Dean @HillaryClinton after #NotMyAbuela comes your #Kwanzaa fail. That's what happens when all your staffers look just like you. #shame," tweeted Jalina Porter.

Even the Daily Beast, a site that has catered to Clinton for the past year, calls her actions "tone-deaf racial pandering."

"The Democratic frontrunner needs to show she really gets what black and Hispanic voters want—and that doesn't mean giving your Twitter feed a Kwanzaa makeover," says writer Barrett Holmes Pitner.

The article makes the point that something like this hurts Clinton more than it would a Republican candidate, since the party is trying to appeal to a primarily White electorate. It also says that Clinton needs to draw the line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.

The Mashable, another site that has been mostly favorable to Clinton, describes the backlash Clinton received last week when trying to appeal to Latinos.

"Hillary Clinton's campaign is facing backlash online over a post aimed at Spanish-speaking voters. '7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela,' or grandmother, reads a new post on the Clinton campaign's website."

[Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]