Dallas Cowboys Failure Pleases Brandon Weeden

Dallas Cowboys have failed to make the NFL Playoffs, and that makes former starting quarterback Brandon Weeden quite happy about his current situation, according to ESPN.

When the regular season began, the Dallas Cowboys were on track to challenge for a spot in the Super Bowl. Tony Romo would lead the way, while Brandon Weeden watched his back.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles in the second game of the season, Tony Romo suffered a devastating collarbone injury that was to have him sidelined for the next several weeks.

Not wanting to give up hope, especially since Tony Romo was coming back before the season ended, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones put all of his faith into Brandon Weeden.

After finishing out the game for Tony Romo and beating the heated division rival Philadelphia Eagles, Brandon Weeden was named the new starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Brandon Weeden started the next three games, all losses. People within the organization and Dallas Cowboys fans started to turn on the man that was supposed to save their season.

Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett pulled the trigger on a trade for Matt Cassel, who once saved the New England Patriots after Tom Brady went down injured.

Jason Garrett
A changing of the guard didn’t really help the Dallas Cowboys much as they managed to lose the next four games with Matt Cassel as a starter. The season started to look gloomier.

When Tony Romo was deemed healthy enough to return for a game against the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Cowboys needed a roster spot, so Brandon Weeden was deemed expendable.

As Brandon Weeden was being kicked out the door by the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones decided to take a verbal jab by saying they should have won those games that Weeden lost.

Fortunately for Brandon Weeden, it only took one day before someone in the NFL decided to give him another chance. The desperate Houston Texans picked him up from waivers.

A little more than a month after being acquired, Brandon Weeden was given a chance to get back on the field again, as T.J. Yates went down with a victory. Weeden got the victory.

Despite having a poor record for much of the season, the Dallas Cowboys still managed to be in contention for an NFL Playoffs spot, mostly because the NFC East was so disappointing.

Going into the final week of the regular season, the Dallas Cowboys have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Their game against the Washington Redskins is meaningless.

Jerry Jones
The Houston Texans, however, are currently in first place in the AFC South, which guarantees them a spot in the NFL Playoffs. Indianapolis Colts are trailing behind them shortly.

When asked about the possibility of going to the NFL Playoffs with the Houston Texans while Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys watched from home, Brandon Weeden expressed joy.

“I mean yeah, absolutely. We get to play extra football and (Jerry Jones will) be watching on his couch. That’s what it’s all about. We’re playing for something and it’s a fun time of year.”

There’s always been a subtle rivalry between Dallas Cowboys fans and Houston Texans fans, mostly because both teams are from the same state and not because of an actual rivalry.

Thus far, the hatred has been kept to a minimum, but if the Houston Texans do well in the NFL Playoffs this year, then expect this particular rivalry to be magnified because of jealousy.

Brandon Weeden has a chance to be the catalyst between a heated rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

[Featured Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images]