Harry Styles Provides Solo Career Evidence, Fans Freak Out Over Haircut Rumors

Harry Styles Has Written Multiple Solo Songs

Harry Styles reassured fans that he’s not leaving One Direction to go solo, but it looks like the singer may plan on releasing a few of his own songs during the band’s break. Perhaps Harry is simply going to test the waters as a solo artist before reuniting with One Direction in a year or so, or maybe he’s not entirely sure that the group will ever get back together. Unfortunately for Directioners, the possibility of Harry Styles going solo isn’t the only Harry-related concern they’re dealing with right now – some fans are also worried that Harry has cut off his magnificent mane.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne just started One Direction’s long hiatus, which still doesn’t have an end date that’s set in stone. However, workaholic Harry isn’t using his time off to relax by the pool or go shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school. According to the Telegraph, Harry Styles is continuing to work on new music, and he recently registered four new solo tracks with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

The songs Harry Styles registered are titled “5378 Miles,” “Already Home,” “Coco,” and “Endlessly.” Harry co-wrote the new tunes with Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid and songwriter Gary Go, but Harry is listed as the only performer of the new tunes.

Harry Styles Writes Four Solo Songs
If Johnny McDaid and Gary Go are helping Harry launch a solo career, it’s possible that they’ve been doing so for months. Back in January, MTV News UK reported that Harry Styles had registered two new songs titled “This Is The Start” and “Already Here” with the ASCAP. Johnny and Gary were also listed as co-writers on those songs, and so far the tunes have not been released. Perhaps “This Is The Start” references the start of Harry’s solo career, and maybe he’s going to try to surprise fans by releasing a full album sometime in the near future. As Billboard points out, this has become a very trendy move – Drake, Beyonce, and U2 are just a few of the many artists who have delighted their fans by dropping unexpected albums.

In September, the Daily Mail reported that Harry had somehow managed to record over 20 solo songs in secret while he was still touring with One Direction. If this is true, then he has more than enough tunes ready to throw together for a solo album.

“Some of what he’s written in the past has been given to the band,” a source told the Sun. “But he’s been working hard on creating his own sound.”

During an interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Harry Styles hinted that he and his bandmates would be working on new material separately during their break. However, he tried to reassure One Direction fans that the hiatus wouldn’t turn into a permanent split by denying that he was launching a solo career. According to Harry, fans shouldn’t see these separate projects as a sign that the band will never ever get back together.

“No… we all write kind of separately and for other people and do stuff and bring it back, and that is it,” Harry said.

While fans impatiently wait to see if Harry Styles releases a surprise solo album, they’re entertaining themselves by speculating over what his new songs might be about. Many fans have pointed out that “5378 Miles” could be about the distance between Los Angeles and a city in the U.K.

Fans haven’t seen much of Harry Styles lately, so they’re also working themselves into a tizzy over the status of his beloved shaggy mane. According to the Huffington Post, some bored Directioners decided to start a Twitter rumor that Harry had cut his hair and would henceforth remain man bun-less. It didn’t take long for the hashtag #OhNoHarrysHair to start trending on Twitter, and it was quickly co-opted as a Harry’s hair appreciation hashtag.

Luckily for fans of Harry Styles’ lengthy locks, there is no evidence that he has actually murdered his man bun, and it will probably be many months before he takes a pair of scissors to his crowning glory. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Harry has said that he’s growing his hair out until it reaches his nipples (no, not those nipples) so that he can donate it to charity.

What do you think Harry Styles will do first, cut his hair or release a surprise solo album?

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