Anderson East’s Stepdad Confirms Son Is Dating Miranda Lambert After Blake Shelton Split

Miranda Lambert in black and white dress

Reports came out yesterday that Miranda Lambert had found love and was dating singer Anderson East. Of course, Anderson and Miranda are both staying quiet about what is going on with them, but now Anderson’s stepdad is speaking out and revealing that the two are more than friends. In Touch Weekly was able to get the scoop from his stepfather Randal Ennis. It is unknown if he was supposed to stay quiet or not, but regardless, Anderson East’s stepdad revealed their relationship.

Anderson East’s stepdad revealed that the couple has been dating for a few weeks. He also shared that he knew about it before headlines broke the news. Anderson East’s family didn’t find out about his new girlfriend from the press, but his stepdad was quiet until it came out. He even raved about his stepson, whose real first name is Michael.

“Michael’s an awesome kid. He’s got his head on straight and knows what he wants in life… He’s just an amazing kid. He’s outgoing, he just never meets a stranger. He’s very polite.”

Anderson East’s stepdad went on to share that he had no idea who Miranda Lambert was before they started dating. Country music isn’t something that the follows so there was no reason that he should know her. It doesn’t sound like they have had the chance to meet Anderson’s new girlfriend just yet, but his stepdad did share that Anderson is the type of guy that would bring home a girl to meet his mom.

People also shared earlier today that they were able to confirm that Anderson East and Miranda Lambert are dating each other. His real name is Michael Cameron Anderson, is 27, and currently touring behind his 2015 album Delilah. Anderson East actually lives in Nashville, so this will make dating for the two easy. Anderson is originally from Alabama. He doesn’t sing country music, but still calls Nashville home now. Miranda moved to Nashville from her Oklahoma home when she split from Blake Shelton.

Miranda Lambert had a very public split from Blake Shelton back in July before starting to date Anderson East. There have been rumors that she was dating Sam Hunt and still looking for love. It looks like Miranda has finally been able to move on and find a person that is perfect for her. Miranda took a bit longer to find a relationship than Blake did though. Blake started dating Gwen Stefani of The Voice and these two seem to be doing great and going strong.

So far, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East are staying quiet about their relationship. Her fans would love for Miranda Lambert to start sharing pictures with him and revealing some about how things are going, but she just doesn’t seem to be to that point just yet. Hopefully, it won’t take her too long to start sharing with her fans. It really doesn’t sound like Miranda will be jumping into marriage though with Anderson East. Here is what she revealed not long ago to Cosmopolitan.

“If I ever were to get married again – which is completely not on my radar at all right now – I feel like it’s not about it being a step in life. It’s not about a piece of paper or a diamond. It’s the way you feel about somebody and the commitment in your heart.”

Are you shocked to hear that Miranda Lambert is moving on from Blake Shelton and dating Anderson East? Do you think that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East make a good couple? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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