Tori Spelling Received Free Toys To Give Her Kids At Christmas

Tori Spelling is under fire for accepting free toys that she gave as Christmas presents to her four children. The actress posted a photo on Instagram of her wrapping up some Mattel packages, thanking the toy maker and Toys R Us for the gifts they sent.

Spelling wrote, “Barbie never goes out of style! Thanks @toysrus @mattel. Pretty sure my girls will be all smiles Christmas morning! #awesomemoment #MamaElf #sp”.

Tori is seen getting ready to wrap a Barbie Pop-Up Camper and Barbie Dreamhouse. Spelling’s four children – Finn, 3; Hattie, 4; Stella, 7; and Liam, 8 – didn’t go without this Christmas, thanks to the generosity of a leading toy manufacturer.

Daily Mail reports that Tori Spelling got the gifts free from Mattel and Toys R Us. Her Instagram caption didn’t specifically verify that she got the gifts without paying for them, but the message strongly suggested this was the case.

Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, recently made headlines over their financial struggles. A source told Radar Online that Spelling and McDermott were fighting about money and how hard this year was to purchase the kids Christmas presents.

Actress Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are reportedly experiencing financial struggles. The reality star and her husband are taking heat for accepting free toys as Christmas presents for her children from Mattel (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP).

“Christmas has always been a very big deal for Tori and she has always gone over the top,” a source told Radar. “But the reality has set in that with their financial situation the way it is, they just can’t buy all of the gifts for the kids that Tori would like. It’s depressing for Tori to not be able to go out and just buy the kids the stuff they want.”

The insider added that Tori Spelling supposedly feels “trapped” in her marriage to McDermott and is “miserable.” The 42-year-old hopes that a successful modeling career will follow her two daughters – Stella and Hattie. She’s said to be so desperate for income that she hopes her own kids can bring in some extra money for the family. As the Radar Online report stated, Stella and Hattie recently “appeared in full make-up for their debut ad campaign with Modern Queen Kids.”

It’s not surprising that people are outraged to hear that Tori Spelling received free toys from Mattel to give her kids as Christmas presents. Her being the daughter of a legendary Hollywood television producer makes it even harder to swallow that this well-known star’s family is in that much need of money. Just because she’s the daughter of Aaron Spelling (who died in 2006) doesn’t automatically guarantee she’s rich herself, but it makes you wonder how she got in such bad shape.

Not all celebrities are good with money management and that’s why you hear about so many of them being bankrupt or going broke. It’s hard to know what the story is with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, however. The two are very open with their life problems.

In a video released on Daily Mail in its report, Tori’s mother — Candy Spelling — was interviewed about what she’ll get her grandchildren for Christmas. She said in the short piece that Tori’s children love to get a lot of gifts.

Most people are completely down and out before they ever receive free toys as Christmas presents for their kids. If Mattel and Toys R Us agreed to mail Tori Spelling these items, does that mean she’s worse off than anyone realizes?

[Image via Tori Spelling/Instagram]