Sources Say Caitlyn Jenner’s Friends Using Her For Money And Fame

Of course, Caitlyn Jenner has always been famous as Bruce, but now she has a new kind of fame. Her show, I Am Cait, is doing great, and the transgender world is loving her. Now, according to OK! Magazine, some of her friends could be using her just for fame and money. Caitlyn is hanging out with a totally different group of people than she used to when she was Bruce. They have been featured on her show, I Am Cait, and viewers are getting to know some of these. Most of these women were not famous before, and Caitlyn Jenner has helped to make it where people know who they are now.

A source revealed that some of these women are using Caitlyn, and obviously it is working for them. These women are making a bit of money from being on Caitlyn Jenner’s show, but it turns out Jenner doesn’t see the problem with that part of it. Here is what the source revealed about it.

“She doesn’t realize she’s being used, because she thinks it’s fair to pay people who appear on the show.”

Of course, it is fair to pay people to be on Caitlyn Jenner’s show. An insider shared that Caitlyn Jenner wants friends so bad that she is willing to ignore this situation and just let them be her friend anyway. The source went on to share more about how things are going for Caitlyn right now.

“But she’s so generous and eager to be loved, she just gives them however much they ask for! It’s sad.”

Caitlyn Jenner has a lot of money, and, of course, there is a big budget for her show. If Jenner’s friends are using her for money and fame, then Caitlyn seems to be just fine with what is going on and she isn’t revealing that she has a problem with it. Caitlyn isn’t cutting any of these people out of her life, either.

People shared that Caitlyn Jenner didn’t actually spend Christmas with her friends, though. Jenner went to the Kardashians and spent Christmas with her family, and then was spotted out buying coffee after they were done. Caitlyn was seen out wearing a nice white shirt, jeans, and strappy heels before heading home from Christmas with the family. It is great to see that everyone still included her in the normal festivities, and she could be with her family.

Caitlyn Jenner even wore a snowman onesie and just had fun with the day. This gave her a chance to be with Kendall and Kylie Jenner and her grandchildren, as well. Caitlyn even had a stocking with her name on it. Not long ago, Caitlyn Jenner shared her thoughts on Christmas with the family.

“Probably the biggest tradition I have along with the rest of the family, is Kris – for the last 30 years – her Christmas Eve party is over-the-top spectacular. She does such a beautiful job with decorating the house. We’ve had the same Santa Claus for 25 years. It’s a great time for our family, a great time for all our close friends. It just really kicks off our holiday season perfectly, and it certainly is a lot of fun.”

Do you believe that Caitlyn Jenner’s friend are just using her to get money and fame? Do you think that she should cut some of them out of her life because of this? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for The Point Foundation]