Mike Tyson Knocked Out In 11 Seconds… By Hoverboard!

Former heavy weight champ Mike Tyson was easily one of the most frightening individuals in the boxing ring. The boxing great went 50-6 during his famed career with a 76 percent KO mark. Along with his greatness in the ring, it was Tyson’s larger-than-life persona that captured the attention of the world of sports.

While multiple reports have hinted that Tyson has worked himself back into fighting shape, video came in Tuesday morning with footage of Iron Mike being knocked out — by his daughter’s hoverboard!

Hoverboards have been the hit of the season, with many superstars like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner posting videos of themselves on their new hovering device. It’s to no one’s surprise that the larger-than-life persona of Mike Tyson would want to get in on the action.

Even when he was punishing opponents in the ring, Tyson would demand the limelight, attracting crowds wherever he went. His post-boxing life has been no different. From having his own one-man show in Las Vegas back in 2012 to appearing in some of Hollywood’s box office hits, Tyson continues to find the spotlight, even if it means taking a knock out from his daughter’s hoverboard and sharing it with the world.

To be fair, many have fallen to the hands (or feet rather) of this year’s hottest Christmas gift. You can hear Tyson’s daughter, Milan, warning her father as he begins to have a bit of fun with the board. Seconds later, he lets his guard down, and the board delivers the blow heard round the web this morning of the former heavyweight being defeated by a hoverboard like so many before him.

As thousands of hoverboards continue to be gifted this holiday season, videos of family members’ failed attempt at riding them follow. And injuries aside, they’ve made post-Christmas a bit merrier.

According to the Washington Post, the hashtag #hoverboardfail had accumulated more than 900 posts on Instagram as of December 27, most of them consisting of wipe-outs similar to Tyson’s except resulting in injuries that required medical attention.

On a segment with Good Morning America yesterday, CEO of Glitek hoverboard company Tony Le shared a list of tips on how to avoid spills like that of Tyson when using a hoverboard.

Wear a Helmet: “You should always have a helmet when you’re gliding and if you’re just starting out you should wear elbow pads, knee pads and also wrist guards,” he said.

Calibrate Your Hoverboard: “Your glide needs to be calibrated in order to work properly. How you test that is, you want to lift the wheel up and just press your hand with the foot pad and if the wheel is spinning and it’s not shaking on you, that means its calibrated,” he explained.

Stand Correctly: “You want to step right in the middle, not too much toe, not too much heel. You just step right on and you want the widest stance possible,” Le said.

Step Back to Disembark: “It’s not intuitive for you to step back [to get off]. Most people, what they do is they step forward and that’s when they fall,” he noted.

Look Ahead: “Riding it, you want to just have a straight posture and you want to look straight ahead. You don’t want to look down,” Le advised.

Despite how great these #hoverboardfail videos have been, hopefully the next time Iron Mike or any rider jumps on their fresh new hoverboard they consider Le’s tips.

(Photo by Tonya Wise/Invision/AP)