Matthew Perry Comments On Courteney Cox Relationship Rumors

Matthew Perry might still be best known for his portrayal of Chandler Bing on Friends, the show in which his character married Courteney Cox’s character Monica Geller. But recently there have been rumors circulating that Perry and Cox are dating in the real world. It turns out, as E! Online reports, the rumors are simply not true.

Cox recently split from financé Johnny McDaid, and even more recently, Cox has been seen out with Matthew Perry, which has perhaps fueled the rumors. Hollywood Life reported that the two enjoyed a casual chat at a sidewalk café.

The rumors are truly unfounded, but still Twitter has lit up with the reactions of fans from all over.

With that rumor put to rest (hopefully!), what is Matthew Perry up to these days? According to the Daily Mail, Perry was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Wednesday night, where he, along with other celebrities such as Sean Penn and Julianna Margulies, engaged in Kimmel’s tradition of celebs reading the nasty and unflattering comments made about them on Twitter (aka mean tweets). According to one tweet, there is such a thing as Matthew Perry Syndrome.

“I have ‘Matthew Perry Syndrome’ – I’m a sarcastic loser with a giant head.”

Perry asked what was wrong with his head. Check it out.

Mean tweets aside, Matthew Perry is about to rock it onstage. Deadline reported in early December that in February, Perry will take to the stage with his debut as a playwright as he stars in his play The End of Longing. The play will premiere at the London Playhouse Theater and will run from February 2 to May 14. What does Perry think of the experience? His words definitely get the point across.

“Being on stage makes you feel naked. Being on stage in a play that I have written will make me feel doubly naked. So if you’d like to see me doubly naked, tickets go on sale today.”

Matthew Perry also stars opposite Thomas Lennon on Odd Couple, which is due to have a second season on CBS in 2016. How does Lennon feel about Perry? DNA India reveals that he believes they are very much like their characters.

“There is not a ton of acting happening on the show.”

Lennon then told Matthew Perry that he was gross.

“You are just kind of sloppy and gross. You just had a giant meat hoagie in the dressing room.”

Matthew Perry had melted cheese in his defense.

“I did, it was big and it had melted cheese involved.”

Teri Hatcher has appeared on Odd Couple and has had kissing scenes with Matthew Perry. Hatcher told Extra all about it.

“There’s a lot of coffee breath checking for me. For both Matthew and I, we’re, that respectful thing, with the newness of somebody, where you’re like, ‘I’ll go get some gum. I just had coffee. I’m so sorry.’ I said to him today, ‘I’m over the coffee breath thing, you can have whatever kind of breath you want.’”

Isn’t that respect and concern sweet? Of course, Matthew Perry is probably just fine with kissing a lovely lady like Teri Hatcher, who will return in Season 2 of Odd Couple, which premieres on April 7. It turns out Matthew Perry will be enjoying himself onstage when the Odd Couple premieres. Nothing can keep Perry down, and since he isn’t dating Courteney Cox, he has plenty of time for his busy schedule.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]