Harry Styles’ Embarrassing Faux Pas With Rita Ora

Harry Styles is a music celebrity in his own right, but he is also a big fan of Ed Sheeran. In particular, he is a big fan of Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud.” According to SugarScape, the song is very personal for Styles.

“I’m gonna pick Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran – It’s a personal song for me. A couple of Christmases ago I actually bought Ed a guitar for Christmas. And this was one of the first songs that he wrote on it, so it’s one of my favourite Ed Sheeran songs.”

Obviously, the two musicians are good friends. Buying a guitar as a Christmas gift? Harry Styles even make a video professing his love of the song.

Apparently, this holiday season, Harry Styles is doing more than just giving gifts, he is giving hugs — and one hug nearly caused an embarrassing moment. According to Mirror, Styles gave X Factor victor Rita Ora a huge, cuddly hug after the show, and her breasts nearly spilled out of her low-cut black dress. Yikes!

Of course, One Direction also performed at the show, with Styles dressed in a flowered suit.

Harry Styles has also been spreading holiday cheers to his fans. Manchester Evening News reports that One Direction fan Alex Lomas was on a flight from Los Angeles to Manchester, and Styles sat next to her for the duration of the December 7 flight. Lomas said she was embarrassed when he first sat down next to her because she was actually reading about him and looking at his Instagram pics at the time.

“When I first saw him I was reading a fanfic about him and scrolling down insta looking at him.”

But during the flight, Lomas got to shoot the breeze with Harry Styles, and they talked about how tired they both were and about going home for Christmas. She took a pic with Styles and tweeted about her experience.

Now that Harry Styles has made this fan’s Christmas and likely had a great holiday of his own, what is in store for him in the New Year? In Style reports that Lea Michele revealed Styles might just be appearing on Scream Queens. Michele is incredibly excited about the idea, because she is such a huge One Direction fan.

“I also heard a rumor that he may, I don’t know if this is true, but he said at a press thing recently that he is talking to a male pop star to come for next year. If it’s Harry Styles, everybody better calm down. I love One Direction. Everybody knows this. I’m also thinking that he should be in the Wicked movie. He’s our modern day Mick Jagger.”

If Harry Styles does appear on Scream Queens, it will spell a busy year for him. While the band is taking a break (yes, it’s true!), he will undoubtedly have time to take on some solo projects. Billboard reports that Simon Cowell wished One Direction well on their time off on the final X Factor show on December 13. Liam Payne also spoke on behalf of Harry Styles and the rest of the group, thanking all their fans.

“This is just a massive, massive thank you to all of our fans. Obviously you guys made all of this happen for us, and we can’t believe the way that you’ve supported us over the last five years. Today’s a very special day for us because this is like the last part of our first chapter.”

[Photo by DFree/Shutterstock]