October 25, 2016
Charity Hospital Light Photos Get 20,000 Facebook Shares: Abandoned, Powerless New Orleans Hospital Has Light In Window

A couple of new photos posted by Lisa Walley Staggs on Facebook have gone viral. The two photos posted to Facebook on December 27 from New Orleans, came with a description that have caused them go viral. Nearly 16,000 Facebook shares have resulted in Staggs' post alone, with others on Facebook uploading and copying Lisa's photos of Charity Hospital. Another set of reposted photos by a different Facebook user named Mike Arbon are going viral as well, adding to the amount of Facebook shares.

"For those few of you who may not know...I work at an inner city New Orleans hospital that happens to be situated directly across from Charity hospital. Charity hospital has been closed, it's windows darkened, since hurricane Katrina, and is a gloomy and dreary sight on the best of days...at night it's down-right scary. Until tonight. See, I park on the roof of my parking garage, and tonight as I was leaving work, I glanced over at the forgotten building, only to see the lights of a tiny Christmas tree! I wish the pictures did it justice. I don't know how it's lit. I don't know how it's even in there, but it made me smile just a little bit tonight!"

Charity Hospital in New Orleans was closed in 2005 after suffering plenty of damage from Hurricane Katrina. The hospital originally opened in 1939, and along with University Hospital, became one of two teaching hospitals that made up the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans.

While Lisa smiled at the thought of the light in the window of the abandoned Charity Hospital, others found the light creepy. Whether the shape of a Christmas tree or a person or a ghost, the light in the window is certainly making for a viral reaction online.

As written by Amanda McClain Smith on Facebook, the Charity Hospital lights are creeping her out.

"I have just been made aware of the fact that lights on in random rooms this abandoned hospital (that apparently has had no power since Katrina) are pretty common. I am so creeped out."

On social media, folks are trying to figure out the exact source of the lights in Charity Hospital. Some are writing that since homeless people are living in Charity Hospital, the light source could somehow come from a homeless community that is "squatting" in Charity Hospital. Perhaps the light could emanate from a type of heater or some sort of portable source that generates its own power.

A man named Mike Arbon reposted the photos of the lights at Charity Hospital. He also posted his feelings to Facebook as well, coming from a different vantage point. Arbon works at Tulane Medical Center as an anesthesia tech, and his photos of Charity Hospital are also going viral.

With more than 3,300 shares on his Facebook photo, Arbon described how he got a look for himself of the Charity Hospital lights and how it appeared to be a Christmas tree lighting up the darkness.

"Someone posted this yesterday so I thought I'd repost and take a look for myself. I work across the street from the old charity hospital and when I went up to the roof of the garage, in the middle of the dark building is this small bright Christmas tree that was put in the window. It's really pretty and little creepy. It gave me chills when I saw it and of course made me think of my brother, who passed away at charity hospital. But a very nice sight to see in the window of a dark building. My picture is blurry though."

[Image via Facebook/Lisa Walley Staggs]