‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 3 Leads To Hilarious Speculation About Affair Between BoJack And Mr. Peanutbutter

BoJack Horseman has become one of the most loved shows on Netflix, and fans are patiently awaiting Season 3. Indiewire interviewed the show’s creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, who talks about the production of the new season.

“We just finished writing the season. We had our last table read a couple weeks ago, right before Thanksgiving, which is great [because] now we know what the season is. But now we have to make it.”

Will Arnett BoJack Horseman

Waksberg adds that production has been finishing up recordings and animating the first few episodes. He says it is really coming together, and there will be some fun surprises. Perhaps, if Internet posters are to be believed, the main character, BoJack Horseman, will have an affair with Mr. Peanutbutter, the cheerful yellow lab. Reddit poster “horsefandom” has the “alleged” details.

“After Diane divorces Mr. Peanutbutter, he is left alone, depressed, and turns into a raging alcoholic. He spends some time with BoJack, who is supposed to make sure he doesn’t drink too much. One evening, both of them have a little too much to drink and end up, well … you know.”

The poster was allegedly at the readings and gives even more details. One of the main feminist characters, Diane Nguyen, supposedly loses it this season.

“Speaking of Diane She REALLY loses it this season. Not only does she beat up Mr. Peanutbutter, but she has an affair with Hank Hippopopalous … In the final reading, Diane gives birth to a baby yellow lab and this is where she and Mr. Peanutbutter reconcile, although no hint if they remarry again,” says the poster.

It’s important to note that Hank Hippopalous was a Bill Cosby-type character who Diane tried to expose, only to have her life and the lives of her loved ones threatened. It sounds far-fetched, but one never knows. At least one other poster believes the original one may be right about some details.

“Actually, the Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane fight has been talked about on several forums. I’m beginning to think that this is true,” says poster Pantomine13.

Paul Tompkins Peanutbutter

Since Season 3 of BoJack Horseman is months away, we can expect rumors and other types of speculation to increase to ridiculous levels. The series is on its way to becoming a classic. However, it wasn’t apparent that the show would be loved so much during the first season. However, Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast thought that the show had promise.

“Some jokes fall flat, a few scenarios seem uninspired, and Arnett’s horse does seem strikingly similar to his hilarious man-child/magician Gob in Arrested Development, but this bizarre dreamscape where humans and anthropomorphic animals commingle and cohabitate is filled with promise, providing a fun, delightfully gonzo take on Hollyweird.”

Other reviews stated that the production was awkward and the writing was, at times, cringeworthy. The reviews of Season 2 showed a remarkable improvement from Season 1.

“BoJack Horseman is somehow one of TV’s funniest comedies and most affecting dramas all in one weird, addictive little package,” said Alan Sepinwall of HitFix.

Sepinwall, like others, noted that BoJack is so fundamentally different from anything that came before it that its brilliance took a while to become clear. BoJack has become proof that before shutting a show down, people need to give it time to develop.Whether or not there are gay affairs or divorces, you can bet that Season 3 of BoJack Horseman will be streamed millions of times. Are you excited about the upcoming new season of BoJack Horseman? Let us know in the comments section.

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