'Deadpool' Backstory Hinted At In New Trailer, Quirky Holiday Poster Released

Deadpool is set to be one of the top superhero movies of 2016, and to be unlike any other superhero movie has ever been. Empire reports that Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) sets out in Detroit to hunt down those who conducted nasty experiments on him. This R-rated flick has been described by director Tim Miller as pre-post-apocalyptic.

"I think there are some certain geographical clues in our story in that everybody knows that the X-Men live in upstate New York-ish and so we can't be too far away. But the idea was that it should look like a s**tty place because you want to set Deadpool and his world apart as something different: grittier, nastier, you know, more like Daredevil where it's down in the streets where he's dealing with small-time s**t that the X-Men and their shiny hi-tech world don't deal with."
Miller also talks about the concept of Deadpool and how different he is from the average superhero.
"Deadpool's kind of shockingly different from most Marvel characters and it's a nice thing that we can kind of ease people into this character and the really different sort of space he inhabits from usual comic book films."
Miller also describes how Wade is more kid-like, a kid with ADD, that is.
"He's like a kid with ADD who's had too much sugar and he can't sit still, he's constantly fidgeting and looking to entertain himself. I'm sure there's a word for it that therapists have for those kids who need constant input! But he's definitely that guy."
The characters were discussed in the interview with Empire. One in particular stands out. Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand) is one tough cookie, and apparently a little on the mouthy side. She was chosen and developed because of her power.
"Her power, I mean, we chose her because we wanted a trainee for Colossus in the film and the writers and I just fell in love with her name. It's just so out there and so Deadpool and it was Grant Morrison who named her, so we knew we had to get her in there. And then we thought, well, we're going to need to make her powers fit with who she feels like she is in the movie and so to me it's just like other characters in the Marvel universe, like Nitro, for instance, whose power is to just explode parts of their body."
New Deadpool posters were released over the holidays, including one showing Deadpool wearing a sweater and one of Deadpool with his gang of friends.There was even a tweet showing the Deadpool script, full of doodles and notes in the margins.And of course, Hugh Jackman got in on the fun.Movie Pilot declares that Deadpool will be the best of the 2016 superhero movies. Why? Because the trailer released on Christmas Day showed just how amazing this movie is going to be.

As stated in the trailer itself, this is a different kind of superhero movie.

"This is a different kind of superhero story, and to tell it right we have to take you back."
In particular, the creators' decision to bring in the backstory in a big way is really going to clinch the movie. This will allow them to develop Wade's character and make it that much stronger. Fans have certainly been left waiting for the movie to hit theaters, something that won't happen until February 12. Just a few more weeks, folks!

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