Mark Hamill Autograph: Luke Skywalker Helps Fans Verify His Official Signature

A Mark Hamill autograph in the world of Luke Skywalker and Joker fan memorabilia is worth a lot of money, but only if it’s an authentic signature.

To help his fans and followers learn how to tell the difference between his official autograph and the fake knockoffs, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor used social media to showcase actual examples.

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Numerous fans posted photos of their Luke Skywalker and Star Wars fan memorabilia on Twitter, mentioning the actor’s official username (@HamillHimself) to get his attention.

Hamill retweeted quite a few of the photos that were posted along with a response to let them know whether or not the autograph was authentic.

Luke Skywalker autographs and Star Wars cast photos were not the only types of fan memorabilia that Mark Hamill examined and verified on social media. There were also several autographed Joker and Batman items that he analyzed and confirmed (or denied) as well.

Using such Twitter hashtags as #BewareofFakes, #BeatTheDealers and #FansRule, Mark apparently worked his way through a lot of photos and posts while also answering his fans’ questions along the way.

In one particular tweet, the 64-year-old actor was asked, “How are you not getting tired of telling people the same thing about your signature?”

Hamill’s response to the question was apparently received very well by his fans and followers, especially because it was a simple yet profound and noble statement that someone would expect from Luke Skywalker.

“Because I owe it to all true fans to protect them from being victimized by dishonest dealers.”

Eventually, Mark decided to take a different approach to verifying his authentic autographs. Instead of retweeting the photos and filling up his Twitter feed, Hamill stated that he would simply “like” the photos and posts that had authentic Mark Hamill autographs in them.

Mark Hamill made his triumphant return to the Star Wars franchise in the recently released seventh installment of the blockbuster franchise. Star Wars: The Force Awakens allowed Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher to reprise their iconic roles of Luke, Han, and Leia while also introducing brand new characters into the fold as well.

Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill
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Seeing Luke Skywalker on the big screen again was undoubtedly a major highlight for many fans and critics who saw the movie. However, after the original Star Wars trilogy, according to Mirror, Hamill was apparently eager to put the young Jedi behind him and move on with his life.

“I spent a large part of my life putting Star Wars behind me so I could move on with my life.”

He further explained that he simply wanted to enjoy his family, “do voice work, and step away from everything that came with being part of a very famous film franchise.” Nearly three decades later, though, George Lucas first approached him with the chance of being brought back as Luke Skywalker in future Star Wars films – an opportunity that he did not hesitate to accept.

“George Lucas had told me he wanted to do some more Star Wars, but I assumed I wasn’t going to be coming back because my story was finished. Then George told me I could return if I wanted to or they would write me out of it. There was no way I was going to turn that chance down.”

According to Hamill, the reaction of longtime Star Wars fans played a major role in his decision to bring Luke Skywalker back to the big screen.

“Can you imagine all those fans forming a mob around my house protesting that I had turned down the chance to do another Star Wars? I didn’t want to go from beloved icon to the most hated man in fandom.”

For decades, Mark Hamill has worked behind the scenes as a voice actor, including his highly-praised and favored performance as the Joker in numerous animated movies, cartoons, and video games.

However, with the new Star Wars episodes and the highly-anticipated return of Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill is finally back in the Hollywood spotlight. The pricing and value of fan memorabilia with a Mark Hamill autograph will more than likely skyrocket, which is why getting advice on how to spot a fake directly from the source is such a great opportunity.

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