Amy Duggar’s Parents File For Divorce, Terry Blames Deanna For ‘Intolerable’ Treatment

There was speculation last week that Amy Duggar King’s parents are getting a divorce when a court docket showed their names on it. Northwest Arkansas Democratic Gazette shared the post, and it shows that Deanna Duggar and Terry Jordan filed for divorce. There was no other information on it, though, and at this point fans were just speculating. Now it has been revealed that Amy Duggar’s parents are indeed getting a divorce.

Radar Online was able to get a hold of the divorce papers and show that Deanna Duggar and Terry Jordan are indeed done with their marriage. This couple has been seen on 19 Kids and Counting more than once, and now viewers really want to know the details. The divorce was filed on December 20, and Terry said the reason he is divorcing Amy King’s mother is due to “intolerable” treatment.

Amy Duggar King’s dad’s attorney, Elizabeth Finocchi, said in the court dockets that “[t]he Defendant has treated the Plaintiff with such indignities as to render his condition in life intolerable.” The couple was actually married for nine years, but Amy Duggar’s parents have been together much longer. Amy was born out of wedlock, but this is her real dad, according to Amy. There has been some speculation that Terry might not be Amy’s real father, but there was never any real proof, and the family hasn’t shared about it. They didn’t get married until much later, but the court papers make it sound like the two lived away from each other off and on throughout their nine-year marriage.

Before filing for divorce, Amy Duggar’s parents went ahead and divided up all of their stuff. This should make the divorce between Terry Jordan and Deanna Duggar go really fast considering they won’t have anything to fight about during the court proceedings. Back in 1992, Deanna Duggar filed for a restraining order from Terry and said that he tried to kill her and the baby. This baby was probably Amy, but the papers didn’t confirm that for sure.

This all comes out just months after the Josh Duggar scandal broke and changed everything for the Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting. This divorce might not be a scandal, but it is another reason that the Duggars are in the headlines and not for something positive. Josh’s wife Anna has confirmed that she doesn’t have any plans to leave him at all after his cheating scandal.

After the news broke, Amy Duggar went to her Twitter page and shared a post about why people get a divorce. This post from Amy talks about growing apart and also cheating. Amy doesn’t explain exactly why her parents are getting a divorce, but it is interesting that she would share this after the news broke. The family has not released a statement at all about the divorce so far.

Although everyone would love to hear the details of Amy Duggar’s parent’s divorce, more than likely they will continue to stay quiet about it. Amy parent’s have never been a couple that were in the media a lot, even though they were on the show from time to time. Viewers will just have to wait and see if they are willing to share any details at all. Now that the show is over, it will be shocking if anything is revealed.

Are you shocked to hear that Amy Duggar’s parents are getting a divorce? Do you think that the Duggars should get their reality show to return to television? Sound off in the comments below about the divorce between Terry Jordan and Deanna Duggar.

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