‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt Explodes After Ivy Confesses, Brooke Feels Torn Between Family And Love

There is an emotional episode ahead for fans on Tuesday with The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers share that Ivy’s feelings for Liam are about to be exposed, and this is going to lead to quite a bit of chaos. There are also interesting moments ahead involving Brooke, and viewers are not going to want to miss this episode.

As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Wyatt proposed to Ivy, but Quinn busted into the beach house in the midst of it. Quinn knew that Wyatt was going to propose, despite her distaste for the idea. However, when Quinn later overheard Ivy telling Liam that she wanted him over Wyatt, there was no way Quinn could sit back and let her son move ahead on his plan.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry share that Quinn will make it clear that she will leave Ivy no choice but to come clean with Wyatt. Either Ivy admits the truth to Wyatt, or Quinn will break the devastating news. While Ivy will surely try to dance around this situation a bit, hesitating to tell Wyatt how she has really been feeling, it seems she will confess the truth.

Understandably, Wyatt is not going to take this well. He had struggled to work through his hurt feelings after learning that Ivy had cheated on him with Thomas, but this confession will surely be unforgivable. The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews show Wyatt blasting Ivy for the situation, questioning if she would have said yes even though he is her second choice. Viewers will have to tune in to see just how Ivy reacts, and how Liam and Steffy handle the stunning confrontation.

As the week continues, Steffy will see a moment between Ivy and Liam that sets off alarms and later Liam will be pleading once again with Steffy to stay away from Ivy. However, there is yet another incident ahead between these two women. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central indicates that Thursday’s show brings another accident.

Steffy and Ivy will have yet another confrontation, and once again someone will end up injured. This time, someone falls down some stairs after tripping over some luggage. While Bold and Beautiful spoilers have not yet detailed whether Ivy or Steffy takes the fall, most would bet it will be Ivy. Viewers can bet this will lead to even more drama between Liam and Steffy, and many suspect a breakup is on the way for these two sooner rather than later.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s show, Brooke will be feeling torn. Her sister, Katie, has urged her to take a gig at Spencer Publications, and Bill extended the offer. Brooke definitely needs something to sink her teeth into these days, but it seems personal feelings will interfere with work and shake things up a bit.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke will be feeling conflicted as she sorts through family loyalties and resurfacing feelings. During Wednesday’s show, viewers will see Brooke kiss Bill and open up about her feelings for him. How will Bill handle the situation? Is there trouble coming for Bill and Katie thanks to Brooke?

There is no doubt that there is a lot of drama on the way as these relationships shift and conflict arises. Quinn has wanted to get Ivy away from Wyatt, but she surely will not be happy to see him hurt as a result of how it happened. Liam has said he is committed to Steffy, but it sounds as if that is about to change. Stay tuned for more chaos this week as it all plays out on The Bold and the Beautiful.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]