Louis Tomlinson: Christmas No Holiday For One Direction Star

Fans of One Direction will have noticed that Louis Tomlinson has had more than his fair share of adverse publicity in recent months. It seems that the season of goodwill did not extend to Tomlinson, as media attacks on the 24-year-old continued. It is fair to say that Tomlinson has often been the most directly honest and sometimes blunt member of One Direction, but the attacks he has been subjected to in recent months have been pretty nasty. On occasion, the anti-Tomlinson rhetoric is nothing short of bizarre.

Of course, Tomlinson and his One Direction bandmates are big news, and that is especially the case if there’s a whiff of scandal to dent the carefully constructed management image. The press seemed to turn against Tomlinson shortly after the news broke that Louis was to become a father. Back in July, the Sun broke the story that Louis had made L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth pregnant.


Many One Direction fans have never bought into the story that Tomlinson is to become a dad. Many of Louis’ fans became increasingly suspicious when it became clear that the writer of the Louis pregnancy story was Pete Samson. Samson is the U.S. editor of the Sun, and is married to Anne-Marie Samson, who happens to be the head of PR for Simon Cowell’s SyCo. Anne-Marie’s LinkedIn profile says she is responsible for social media and brand innovation for acts like One Direction.

Of course, it may well be the case that Samson has nothing to do with her husband receiving insider information from “unnamed sources” close to Tomlinson and One Direction. However, many of Louis’ fans continue to believe that the Tomlinson pregnancy story is one that has been faked by One Direction’s management. As previously reported in the Inquisitr, Tomlinson has said little publicly about his impending fatherhood, and this has added to the speculation that Louis is not the father of Jungwirth’s baby. Many believe that attacks on Louis are as a direct result of his refusal to talk about baby Tomlinson.

The Mirror recently claimed that Louis had “dumped” Briana shortly before she was due to give birth to baby Tomlinson. Ironically, just days earlier, the same paper reported that Tomlinson was “a single man.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Sun now claims that Briana created a new Instagram account so that she could “go public” with the fact that she is having a hard time after being “abandoned” by Louis. Of course, there is absolutely no evidence that Tomlinson and Briana were ever in a relationship. If Tomlinson is the father of Jungwirth’s child, it is likely the pregnancy resulted from a one-night-stand. It is difficult to see how Tomlinson could abandon someone he was never in a relationship with.

Louis fans will doubtless reflect on the huge difference in the way Tomlinson and bandmate Liam Payne are portrayed in the Sun. Tomlinson has been attacked numerous times, whilst the tabloid focuses on the much more weighty issue of Liam posting a photograph of his torso on Instagram.

The attacks on Tomlinson do not end with comments about Louis relationships. Sometimes the attacks verge on the totally bizarre. Unreality TV have run a headline claiming that “Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are slammed as One Direction album fails.” Was Harry and Louis’ alleged fallout responsible for One Direction’s recent Made In The A.M. being a total flop? No. It seems that some 30,000 people traded One Direction’s 2012 album Take Me Home at Music Magpie this Christmas. As a result, an album that sold close to five-million copies and topped the chart in 20 countries is branded a “failure.” It is something of a stretch to see how a few fans trading in an old album equates to Harry and Louis being “slammed.”


Arguably, the prize for the most bizarre shading of Tomlinson’s year should go to Unreality TV, who claim that Australian comedy group The Janoskians will be delighted to see Tomlinson and Styles appearing in an advertisement for condoms. Apparently, a member of The Janoskians recently said that Louis should have worn a condom when he had sex with Briana.

It seems that no stretch is too far when it comes to disrespecting Louis Tomlinson.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]